Arsenal buy best defender

Arsenal have bought the best defender in Germany. Ndicka Evan has arrived to compete with the ever bluffing Gabriel.

Photos courtesy of my 200,000 kshs MacBook air M2

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Pia Mikel Silvestre alikuwa free signing. Ma own goal zake. Huyu zile umbwaa utakuwa Una mwita Ka zote.

@Yuletapeli defence imekuwa perfect

Uluhyani kwani kuna net?

Hapo sawa, tunadai strikers ka wawili

Yes sir

Mluhya wetu Indika atakaba kabisa. Defence sorted, now we need Partey’s sub, a winger and a striker

Then ligi ni yetu for three consecutive seasons

Excellent centre half. Technically more sound than Gabriel, he’ll give him more competition for his place. However Magahlaes is a better goalscoring CB.
I have always said you need a spine of black players to win European football. That’s from CBs, DMs & CFs.

But this will guarentee no defensive headaches for us for the next 5-10yrs.