Arsenal beaten like a burukenge at home

@uwesmake priss pitia hapa…
Brighton 2
Arsenali 0


:D:D:D we shall have a peaceful quiet week. Brighton ni mambo bad

Safi sana

Nmeland wadau … wapi @uwesmatako na @Tapeli … leo lasma nicheke



To all my ass&hole friends … hii IMEENDA

The tree has finally given way and the elephant has fallen:D:D:D:D

Ilienda kitambo


We still have a long way to go. Hivo ndio champions league itakuwa muoto.

Arsenal doesn’t have the focus, the mentality and the experience to win the premier league.
Miracles happen once in a while like the Leicester one. But those are miracles.

Saka and team are good, but those are boys. You need experience. Otherwise arsenal will be escorting the eventual winners each and every season.

This is the nearest Arsenal will ever come to winning a league. These are fuckers who have been laughing their asses off at MUFC.

Tumalize number two ,
Bayern mungich wanatumiss sana UCL.

Tuangalie next season, ii imeenda!!

Hii Brighton ni sumbua saidi

Brighton ni moto wamedominate arsenal at emirates

Huyo coach wa Brighton ni mambo mbaya. Brighton did a good business firing Porter.

It’s no push over as people think

Brighton are playing very interesting kind of football. But I swear they won’t beat Chelsea next season.

Yesterday I watched Wenger’s interview on beIN and concluded that Arsenal’s problems started when they built Emirates Stadium. Zile vikwazo bank iliwaekea to give them the loan ilirudisha Arsenal nyuma sana.

For instance Wenger says bank told them that player salaries must not exceed 50% of revenue which made them to sell stars with higher wages.

Arteta amefanya wax proper hii season. Hao boys wasikufe morale wapiganie okombe next season. That change of attitude time ya preseason ilikuwa something to behold