The LORD shall cause thine enemies (Waiguru’s and Kibicho’s and Atwoli’s) that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way (United), and flee before thee seven ways. (Disunited, Fighting each other, in ICU’s)

Uncle Willy 2022



Mbona Echesa anafanyia fraud kwa office ya DP uncle Ruto wa kina @spear?

io ni building ya serikali. anybody can enter anytime. wengi wametapeliwa statehouse. wengi wametapeliwa JKIA.



[SIZE=5]2017 :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]William Ruto’s Daughter Holds Top Diplomatic Job in Rome, Italy[/SIZE]

[li]By ALEX ISOE on 14 May 2017 - 1:00 pm[/li]

Deputy President [B]William Ruto’s [/B]daughter June Chepchirchir is said to be holding a senior rank of the second counselor in the Kenyan embassy in Rome, Italy.
A source within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while speaking to a local daily stated that Ms Chepchirch rise to the top was drastic even though she holds a degree in International Communication.

[SIZE=5]2019 after Arror Scandal she was transfered to Poland :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Ruto’s Daughter’s High Profile Job as Envoy in Poland[/SIZE]

[li]By EDDY MWANZA on 14 February 2019 - 1:02 pm[/li]
CS Monica Juma (M) is received by June Ruto (R) in Warsaw TWITTER

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS), Monica Juma’s reception on arrival in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday morning, confirmed June Ruto’s (DP William Ruto’s daughter) prestigious new job.

The CS headed to Poland to attend a summit tasked with looking into security in the Middle East, scheduled to kick off on Thursday.

However, it was the pictures taken by the CS and posted on Twitter that caused a stir.

“Arrived in Warsaw this morning, was received by June Ruto, Chargee D’Affaires,” read her tweet.
Chargee D’Affaires June Ruto and the CS

A Chargee D’Affaires (CDA) is a diplomat who heads an embassy in the absence of the ambassador. Such a role is usually created when two countries do not have full diplomatic relations.

In such cases, the CDA is usually appointed as head of an “interests section,” which maintains diplomatic relations at a level below that of a formal Embassy.

Abraham Mutai remains blocked on twitter. Hajasoma. Hajai kanyaga university. Just a gun for hire ju ako na twitter account. Kama unachukua huyo jamaa serious huezi chukuliwa serious. As Arror said, just wait you see how it will end.

What is the lie here? Where is the lie? Wasn’t June Ruto ambassador in both countries?

2017 :

The Sunday Nation has reliably established that the DP’s daughter, Ms June Chepchirchir, holds the senior rank of second counsellor in the Kenyan embassy in Rome, Italy.

Even though she has qualifications in international relations, our sources at Foreign Affairs Ministry say it is a fast climb.

REVEALED: William Ruto’s daughter holds top diplomatic post in Rome – Nairobi News

Watu wa Sam Pa walicon kenya pesa mingi deal za kuchimba geothermal wells huko Olkaria. Ambassador wa Kenya China alihusika? Nigerians wamecon watu wengi hapa kenya, ambassador alihusika ? Vpi? Wazungu wamecon counties mingi western kenya, ambassador alihusika? Vpi?
Juu hamna akili kitu ikipotea badala ya mfuate mwizi mnafuata Arror, meaning hamtawahi recover chenye imepotea, juu haiko kwa Arror, but mtawaste time na resources mkifuata wrong targets

You are comparing very different crime scenarios. First of all this was a defence tender a very critical tender as compared to a Naija conning a Kenyan businessman on the street with wash wash. You get?

In a defence/military tender the ambassadors of both countries have to know of what’s going on. They have intelligence officials in their embassies. This is not a geothermal well we are talking about, we are talking about advanced weaponry here. Country to country. And by the time Echesa had opened channels to the DP’s office very many agencies were watching him, and surely there is no way you can say that the DP didn’t know anything. His own daughter is in charge of issuing visas, she is the gate keeper there.

Arror is not authorized to incur expenditure for DoD. How would the deal fleece the taxpayers?

The same way with Arror and Kimwarer dams. Facilitate the process to begin as the Deputy President. Since all the paperwork has been handed over and gone to your friend at Ministry of Finance and looks legit, you fast track the process by making the necessary phone calls for money to be released to the Polish company for the tender to commence. (You can even go for a state visit to induce confidence in the project.)

Kenya govt. signs on then quietly pays for non existent goods via a water tight must pay commitment type of deal. You get your huge cut as DP then proceed to deny deny deny everything. A perfect crime. Then blame it as a political witch hunt by Kinoti and Kibicho and the Bbi guys. Only this time unlike the Arror dam Ruto was stopped in the very early stages of the plan. (And his friend at finance was fired.)
During Arror when fingers were pointed at CS Rotich, Ruto simply spun it as a ‘tribal’ witch hunt against the Kalenjin.

And with the new kshs. 7 to 10 billion injection, tanga tanga is covered for the next two years. Church donations, bribing politicians etc.Robin Hood type of shit. Stealing from govt. to bribe Wanjiku to vote for you. Pretty smart and straightforward.

Tell the people that your blessings come from the Lord Jesus and that your enemies are just being jealous. Genius. Transfer June Ruto to another corrupt country and repeat steps 1 throught to ten. She covers your tracks at the embassy.

Unaongea ujinga. Why don’t you impeach him?
A poor man took Ruto to court and Ruto lost the case, so why are you not taking him to court? He does not control the judiciary, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost the case.
Mnataka tu kupiga siasa for the sake of siasa.

Kwa io purported scandal, is it a civil case when a conman cons a corrupt foreigner or a criminal case?

The crime was committed in kenya or in Poland?

Who is the military officer who gave foreigners access to DoD?

Why has Uhuru, who is the only person mandated to fire officers above the rank of Colonel personally, in writing, not fired the said officer?

Is Uhuru protecting corrupt military officers?

Is Arror too powerful for Uhuru? Ama ni siasa?

Si ungojee. Why are you jumping the gun? Wait.

And you my friend you sound as if you don’t reside in Kenya to understand how these guys operate. What has history shown us from his past scandals?
Number 1, that Ruto is not an idiot, and that he works with smart advisors and schemers. Of course he anticipates that such a scheme could unravel any time and he has checks and balances in place at all times for such eventualities. It can also be noted that he is often several times removed from the scene of the crime because he operates using proxies like Echesa. He signs nothing himself!
Thirdly he has a lethal legal team(s) on standby ready to tear anyone to shreds who dares implicate him. Number 4, he has a political intimidation arsenal in his corner. He is a major tribal ‘paramount’ chief with the weight of the tribe behind him. Kinoti and Haji can’t just arrest him.

And finally the guy has a plan from the get go in case things turn South. He has prepared talking points to deflect any barbs. He has his own journalists who will spin the story away from him. He will easily go on a charm offensive to fool Wanjiku right there from the church pulpit. He will give you the looted money and call it manna from the heavens. Amen.

@T.Vercetti so tunakubaliana Ruto alifunzwa vizuri na moi, na yeye ndo mwalimu saa ii? izo ndo huitwa politics sasa, case zengine huwa moto sana, na hakuna mtu wa DCI atajihusisha nazo. Kesi ya jamaa mwenye alishikwa na military supplies Narok iliisha aje? kama watu wa mkono wa Ruto, watu illiterate wanapata access DoD, unafikiria deal ya Ruto yenye ako involved direct inakaa aje? Itakua tu jambo la busara tukae kitako, tuonyeshwe na Arror vile ii game huchezwa, juu sasa ivi Arror ako league yake

I have said he is a smart thief and that has made you very proud and happy? Unbelievable.
Being called a smart hoodlum is not praise, it just means that you have postponed your 40 days for a while. Not indefinitely.