The way Ruto is being tackled daily yet he’s being timid about it makes me wonder what he’s scheming…cos we all know the real guy. We know that he’s not to be underestimated. He didn’t get to where he is because of his Sunday School teaching.

He’s gone against the system thrice before and came out unscathed. He was set up by PNU and the system to die at the Hague and abandoned by the party he fought for yet he disentangled himself. Uhuru had his family’s international connections to handle his freedom… Ruto dismantled kamati ya roho chafu systematically. The time to diminish Ruto was the ICC. You lost a chance. You allowed him to access state power, penetrate NIS and the disciplined forces through his office, amass his wealth and penetrate new political grounds such as western , central and
Coast and North Eastern.

Yet you think you have finally cornered him. This is a militant minded politician. He has garnered enough political stockpiles for his upcoming epic battles. In my traditional war coaching while being ushered into manhood, one poignant lesson was about not using your best weapons during flank attacks by the enemy. All the flank attacks are to be ignored or dealt with by pawn armies.

Then again, for the first time he’s going directly against Raila, who isn’t to be messed with. Raila is a bulldozer. Even though this time, owing to the capabilities of his enemy, Raila combined forces with his worst nightmares; starting with Moi, who tortured him and killed his people while economically diminishing the opposition, Uhuru, who’s father jailed and betrayed Jaramogi, and Uhuru who’s government killed baby pendo and many others in his fight against Raila.

But Raila has decided that he’s dealing with a bigger monster so he will let go of his own pain and focus on stopping Ruto. Because Ruto scares everyone, including me.

Ruto hasn’t really come out fighting. He’s always trying to sound timid. We know how he plays, yet he has allowed so much to pass under the bridge with very lukewarm crictism of what he perceives as irritants. What’s his game play? What is he thinking?

Why hasn’t the system stopped him economically? Because that’s the only way to slow him down?

If I was Ruto though, i would do the same. I’d be very cautious, because, everyone knows that he has a very volatile ground support… and any slighting can mess the little life our economy has and permanently destroy his chances to be President. He knows that if his troops seem to fight the same government he leads, he would be self sabotaging. He knows he’s being tested. People want to bring out his anger so that they use it against him. But he isn’t swallowing the bait yet. For now, he rather allows bloated goats like Atwoli to bleet and irritant pests like Sifuna or Junet to buzz…afterall, they’re not his target.

This is Ruto’s most difficult period politically. All media outlets other that his own half of mediamax are working in sync with their online platforms to discredit him… blogs are on fire. But that’s where it ends. It doesn’t translate to real ground movement. Prove me wrong and send me your local pub’s till number.

But if you’re keen, you’d realize that he has gained more on the ground since the attacks begun.

It’s not a myth, go to YouTube or this Facebook and see how of all people, Kamanda was heckled by calls of Ruto Ruto in Kirinyaga in the presence of Matiangi and Kibicho and Waiguru in, Kibicho’s own village… Mainstream media won’t highlight that definitely, it goes against the paid up propaganda machinery.

Bottom line is, this is Raila’s toughest political scenario since independence. For once he’s going against a juggernaut younger than him.

This is also Ruto’s toughest political scenario. He is going against all the political dynasties and their scions with all their arsenal.

Either way, none of them will be a loser, they are both indeed, the life of our politics. And one way or the other, Raila becomes President, you need Ruto in the opposition.If Ruto becomes President, only Raila will keep him on his toes.

Every other politician is a flower girl in a pink tutu.