Arror vows to steal billions


“We are looking forward to the day when we will not be taking thousands, when we will not be taking millions but when we will be taking billions to church,” Ruto said.

And yet his salary is 1.2m per month before tax. What happened to the civil servants/ state officers code of ethics, and employees who cant explain their source of wealth? Does the rogue state officer declare to KRA the extra income as per the law?

KRA hawajacomplain kuhusu Arror. CBK hainacomplain kuhusu Arror. CMA haijacomplain kuhusu Arror. Hakuna mkenya amepoteza pesa na ikapatikana kwa accounts za Arror.

In other words mtu anawaambia nitaendelea kuiba.

A presidential candidate talking about a continued handout mentality, is in no way going to take this country in a progressive and sustainable path. Instead he should be talking about how he will grow the economy up to a level where congregants can be able to fully support their church needs without needing help from politicians.

Swear Arror is throwing you some nice quid for licking his ball sac clean?
Otherwise if not, I will consider you as a despicable human

Maliza hio ghasia ya handout.[ATTACH=full]373775[/ATTACH]

… And how much is the Kahawa Sukari ranch worth?

Muteshi complained his 100acres were stolen. Kenya Civil aviation complained their land was stolen to build Weston. Langata primary school pupils complained that their play ground was stolen by huyo mtu. Kenya pipeline complained they were sold fake grabbed ngong forest land by huyo mtu. Murumbi family complained their 2000 acre Narok ranch was irregularly taken by huyo mtu. We wanjikus are complaining that our 15,000 acre ADC mutara ranch was grabbed by huyo mtu.

The envelope is too small for the future task… we will need the wheelbarrow. :D:D


huyu jamaa hunishtua sana, his handout mentality is comparable to Moi and his irk. Very useless

He is a student of moi since 90s ie go to church every Sunday and donate to wananchi the cash you stole from them. This is Nyayo2.0.

and then he takes the cash to churches, if ruto was looting and building factories in Eldoret to employ his tribesmen only, we would understand.
but he attends a church, gives 1m to 5 pastors to eat… halafu congregants cheer as if they will ever taste that cash.

Mimi bonobo kijijini hunikasirisha sana.

Hustlers hula sweat yao,

When did handout become sweat? Huyu mgondi pale Kwa chapter 3 integrity tunamtoa kwa line. He was found guilty of land theft.

why are you jubilee people lacking in self-awareness? Arror is your worst fear. 13 years ago, Uhuru and Raila were beneath Arror, and Arror has only become more stronger since then. Unite or perish!

What fcukery is this Sani ama ni vyenye you are a visitor Jerusalema?

Arror is fighting against dollar billionaires, ruthless parasitic owners of capital. Ii vita inahitaji pesa. Utashindana aje na Gideon Moi, the richest man in east Africa kama huna hela?

Kwa hivo akaamua aibe mali ya umma ndo apatie man giddy compe? Isokei

Complete that cunt for me sir