Arror and kimwarer Lies

Kamwana took the loan meant for the dams and diverted the loot to dandora, that was even confirmed by the DPP , but why was Ruto blamed? probably because the Dams are located in rift valley.


Ruto is a thief, a you trying to protect him simply because you are a Hustler narrative teller? Or UDA fanatic


Itumbi huwa amebeba akili ya Tanga Tanga.
Non of them can think

Does that tweet show uhuru stole?

Who owns Heritage Insurance?
South Africans. White South Africans
The family of Charles Njonjo
The family of Jeremy Kerieni
The family of Bruce Mackenzie.
Heritage Insurance is owned by Liberty Holdings which is the parent company. Although Liberty was originally a South African company, it merged with CFC which was owned by the three Kenyans highlighted. Because CFC would later merge with Stanbic, it means South Africans are now the primary shareholders once more.
Where does Uhuru even enter the mix???

Unless itumbi posts a reply, don’t expect majibu

We still want to know …
What became of :-

  • 9 Stadiums
  • 67 Dams
  • 5 million Jobs for the Youth.

UDA people are not known for thinking and reasoning.

Who knows, maybe uhuru wants to do them in his 3rd term

However much utatetea huyo mwizi, we know he stole the money. Otherwise how would you explain his defence statement:
“We only lost 7 billion. It was not 21 billion!”
Ama utatuambia that it was Uhuru who sent him to say that? Why did he feel obliged to come to his own defence yet unasema he was not the beneficiary? Just so you know, WAJINGA WALIISHA HII KENYA, WALE WAMEBAKI WAKO UDA…:D:D:D

Amazing is it not … ???

How so many of you have fallen for this Wheelbarrow Bottom-Up Hustlers nonsense and are busy praise singing in here …

Wajinga Ni Nyinyi … :D:D

So Ruto aliingililia wapi kwa io scandal?

Ruto and His allies were involved as subcontractors of the Italian company that was to construct Kimwarer. In fact, it is likely the company, which was already facing financial difficulties when it was selected, was selected for that purpose . Nearly the entire scandal involved subcontractors supplying items like towels for billions of shillings .At the same time, both Ruto’s allies (and some of Uhuru’s now that they have defected back), that is Henry Rotich, Kamau Thugge, David Kimosop, Kennedy Nyachiro, Jackson Kinyanjui, Titus Muriithi and the italian Paulo Porcelli disguised a commercial loan(from the above and Standard Chartered) as a government to government loan guaranteed by the Italian government.
A simple look at how the subcontracting was occuring, it is clear that the dam contractor would have not gotten that tender without the blessing of Ruto’s allies and possibly Ruto himself. Becausetheir aim was to extract as much cash from the project as possible and because thecontractor was facing financial difficulties and chose to tie itself to our politicians, it kept quiet even as it got invoices that made zero sense financially

And in spite of all the forgoing , hoards of clowns here are singing his praises …

I will never tire of saying it …

Wajinga Ni Nyinyi … :D:D:D