Arror amefanya...

Despite his unpopular policies,we are finally out of the cursed defaulters hole. Though I doubt if Kenyan fatherless bonobos would understand the scope of this statement.

Tufafanulie angalau tupate kitu ya kuongelea na kung’ara nayo kwa kamukunji ya wazee

Kenya was facing a debt-trading distress three months ago. We were also marked for a massive default earlier this month which would’ve led to an imminent collapse of our financial infrastructure. Fortunately,Arror had to take us through pain inorder to gain and it has been a success! We are at a good fiscal position provided we slither through the recently maturing euro-bond.

Wacha upus. That issue about default is just hogwash. Even watu kama Ndii has always said that kenya’s debt at only 60% is manageable and has been manageable hata wakati ya Uhuru. Uhuru was servicing all debts comfortably and jambass should do the same bila kunugunika.

NB Japan’s debt is over 250%.

apples and oranges.
una compares 1st world countries where all systems are up and running with a shit hole ape republic?

Hako ni kagege… huyu ashawahi enda japan kweli… talkers should really travel in this world… sasa ati juu Ndii alisema

Sielewi Bana,si finance bill haijapitishwa bado

69% is 69% whether you are in kenya or japan. Kenyas debt is at 69% and japan’s debt is at 254%. Data is data. Facts are facts. And I am stating those facts ata kama mimi ni mtu ya Azimio. And it’s stupid to think that you have to travel to Japan to know about Japan’s debt.

Unasema nini kijana?

Buana this is a bunch of hogwash meant to hoodwink those with limited understanding of the financial system. Praying Mantis implemented his strategies just recently, can you explain in layman’s terms how within such a short term, his policies has impacted our debt situation?

As long as mganga is not president, these negativos will hurl at anything positive about the country.

2022-2023 loan from 900B to 600B

Where is Russia on that list?

Many had expected Russia to have defaulted and collapsed economically by now.

Japan debt is domestic to be paid in Yen. Japan is also in a unique position of low inflation - they have literally been trying to get inflation running in their country for 2 decades

It hasn’t. He’s talking out of his arse

Peleka fibroids na uko

SAPs work instantly provided they get fully implemented