arror ameenda kulamba kunyi...expect kukuniwa in a few

in the gospel of sankara

.laets ot yenom eroM

Sekou Toure must be rolling in his grave seeing the kind of African leaders we have.

Very true Amuj Isokum

Anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Berlin Oxford @Kennedy Maina @Karoga @Kalenjin101 have you opened your mouth wide open ready to receive jambass kinyesi? Have you lubed your anuses ready for him?

Ruto is a failure

At what velocity did he turn in his grave?

Why, you want to complete the job for jsks

One of the Pillars of Zakayo’s Bottom Up Election Manifesto was no additional Foreign Debt …

If I were him …
I would apply the same recovery medicine that turned around the fortunes of Singapore in the 1960’s

But sadly …
Vision and Foresight are not the strong points of either Zakayo or Riggy Gee …

4 more Years of this nonsense …:D:D:D