Arrogant lec

Dear Peter,

For a concept note at Phd level,

what you are writing indicates to me that this is a big joke. And please leave me out of your jokes.

I cannot appreciate the manner you have expressed yourself here even if you could be new to research and the field.

You have no iota of anything you are talking about even though all the information is out there!

This makes me worry whether you understand what a PhD concept note is about.

kindly try answer the following questions

a) what is your background

b) have you been doing any form of research

c) if you have been doing research, what are your research outputs may be from MSc level?

d) what Physics are you interested in and what are your strengths on the same.

e) Have you published any academic work, when and where?

Given what you have written I may need the above answers before I consider anything with you. all information is pout there including a catalogue of my own work and I cannot appreciate the nonsense you are writing regarding a concept note!

Pwani has a state of the art space monitoring laboratory and has been conducting annual training for Phd and early career researchers every year.

This year the event will be held in september.


Olwendo, Ph.D

All these bashing for a 4-page concept note? Ama 4 pages ni kidogo in his eyes?

Sasa tena PHD concept note ndio gani ?