Arrghh so fwaken annoyed

jah please why is this happening to me… how di I wrong you… wadau can you believe it?? This days naenda tu kamoja kaa kuku… then mjulus inalala kaa stupid! Ata heri corona!! After one Hii ingine ata mjulus ifanywe nini iwezi perform… frnds na ma mblainer pls pls leteni remedies and pia kaa kunaye mwingine ako na same issue leta hekaya

Stop watching porn, stop masturbating, stop drinking too much alcohol, stop taking sugar and other processed foods.Join a gym, start running. Do that religiously for 8-12 months & you’ll see

Are you trying to achieve the mythical Ktalk threshold 7 times?

Its not mythical, weakling

What would you know. Nyinyi watu huchew veve cant get it up even with 25 vega 100 pills.

Uliza mama Clinchy…ghaseer!

Men who talk about another man penis is gaaay

Kula njugu ongeza nguvu

What he said. Especially the porn and masturbation part.
Google no fap. Join the Reddit community.

No fap means no porn, masturbation or any forms of sexual pleasure for a period of time. What happens is that the body undergoes a natural ‘resetting’. It’s like a sexual cleanse. The standard duration is 90 days by which time you will have noticed a positive change in yourself. More energy. Improved sexual performance and mental clarity.
If you combine the NoFap with a little exercise it will be most effective.

Most people are deemed ‘healed’ after 90 days.
At one point, I had an almost similar situation. Although mine was coupled with some psychological issues and effects of medication.

The thing you have to watch out for is flatline. The first week people experience a lot of sexual energy. But after a while your libido completely dies. You enter a flatline. No erections. No sexual excitement. You will feel dead down there. Don’t worry. You will be tempted to kill the numbness with porn but the fog you will experience After will be nothing like you’ve ever felt.

After 21 days hivi you will emerge like a phoenix. More energy than a horny teenager. When you have your first wet dreams, just know that you’re in the right path.
I wish you the best.
In case you relapse, forgive yourself and keep going. It wasn’t built in one day. Addictions are tough af.

Yes coz it hurts

Relax man. Don’t listen to those fairy tale 3 rounds stories, most of which are a hoax… Sisi hapa kamoja na you are good to go.

chunga usikuwa unasaidiwa .these hoes aint loyal…hekaya for another day

Boss, ata ukipiga shoti Sita bado utasaidiwa tu. Like you said, the whores know no loyalty

If you eat carelessly at some point ngufu itaisha . Also change to beautiful women ,women that excite you. Usikule kitu moja kama ngombe.

Mosa the wanker …

Was also once faced with this, I used to relapse after kitu 2 weeks ivi until when finally I went for some 35 days, saw the benefits, no turning back

Get enough sleep, kula healthy foods; fish nuts, fruits and vegetables. Then upige tizi kiasi. Utapepeta ikus mpaka aseme anaskia kukojoa.

I think the main trick is getting hard during those 35 days and let the stick stay like that for strengthening


Wachana na mogoka kiyana … ni hayo tu.