Arrests of election violation.

It is confirmed (and also caught on camera) that the chairman of iebc was attacked. I am sure, had the attack been lethal and if not of the swift response of the gsu boys wakatandika burukenge. The law states that it is only the presidential returning officer that announces the winner of election, right? What if chebukati was killed in that attack, there would be no one to declare a winner, Saa hii Kenya kangekua kamenuka because everyone could have claimed a win. Now I am of the opinion that the next government should arrest the following individuals; James orengo, Gladys wanga, Ole kina and their presidential chief agent for endangering National security.

You mean Gladys wanga angeweka chebukati uppercut hadi akufe?

Elections violators are those stealing votes my fren, those that subvert the will of the people …
Those that force themselves on the people.
Those that can’t be given the sword…

There is a probability. Look at those manly hands she’s got.

If, maybe, could be, probably, perhaps, opinions… Great words indeed, when prosecuting a case of a national security magnitude.

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Courts can also announce the winner.


Add this guy to that list…


what about losers who cannot accept defeat.

Yes, while we’re at it, let’s light some fires and grab some pitchforks and go investigate and arrest the people that did attack and actually killed a certain Msando. Chepkat was handled with kid gloves. He wasnt even trying to look unbiased. Its a shame how people get kidnapped and end up dying, over a simple matter such as counting votes and the nerve of this coward for selling out on two elections.

You have a point there.