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Anataka kuharibia president elect 2022 jina


My attention has been drawn to the wolf cries by Deputy President William Ruto, in a ridiculous attempt to attribute his dwindling fortunes, both in Jubilee and in the country, to H.E. Raila Odinga and the ODM Party.

Ruto is quoted saying H.E. Raila is using the handshake to undermine him in Jubilee and his chances in the 2022 elections. He further alleges that H.E. Raila removed him from ODM and plotted to take him to the Hague.

It is easy to ignore and dismiss a pathological liar like William Ruto, but we have seen before that he is not just the greatest liar in our politics, but one so adept at mining sympathy that he will leave audiences marvelling at his “triumph” over non existent adversity.

We know Ruto is not known to build anything from scratch but rides on the sweat of others, and for his ilk, siege mentality works just fine, as seen by his previous use of the Mau and Hague issues for political capital. This is why we will not ignore him.

We wish to remind Ruto that nobody removed him from ODM. History shall always record that William Ruto was so angry at being bypassed for the post of Deputy Prime Minister in the new coalition government in 2008 that he immediately started working at variance with the party, while holding an influential ministerial position courtesy of the same party. A few years later, he departed the party on his own volition, on the backdrop of Mau evictions, which he went ahead to totally exploit.

As for the Hague trial, all we can say is that being neither a criminal organisation nor a law enforcement agency, ODM and its leader had no role to play in aiding any criminality or fixing someone accused of such horrible crimes as mass murder, rape and displacement of populations. No amount of repeating the lie will make it true.

We are constrained to remind William Ruto that the Kenyan well of sympathy that he loves to drain is almost dry. He has to graduate his politics from antics built on phraseology such as “selling chickens”, “son of peasant”, “fixing me”, “targeting my people” and “blocking me from 2022”.

This tactic has run its course, and Ruto must fight his political battles on the main theatre of full men and women, where you are judged by what you can offer the country.

If indeed Ruto feels the heat in Jubilee, he must retrace his steps to where the political rain started beating him, where he lost the trust of Kenyans. We know the truth but we don’t mind watching as he purports to search for it in vain.

Ruto’s problem is character. Not Jubilee, not ODM, not Uhuru Kenyatta and certainly not Raila Odinga. The mirror may have more answers for him, but he doesn’t look or sound like one to take advice, even from the humble mirror.

In the meantime, supporters of Raila Odinga must wonder what 2022 election strategy William Ruto has that clearly involves trying to marginalize them. We would imagine a serious contender for President would reach out to all sections of the population, and avoid antagonizing such a crucial vote block. We wait to see. But we will be here to put the record straight whenever Ruto goes off in one of his unending lies.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
1st October 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ata sisi tuko leafy suburbs na hatusumbui

that is a dumb move. hata kama ni mwizi, the guy went to war for your party leader na unamwuambia hivo?

This arrogant fellow just pushed away some rift valley votes. Sometimes afadhali kunyamaza.

sifuna yule wa mkiapisha tunaapisha ama?

Ruto made so many ODM clitorises vibrate in excitement.

mimi ni team ruto liwe liwalo

Ruto ndaaani. Mtado? Na Mimi sio mkale

RAO will always start but NEVER finish anything peaceful ! Akiingia anafuruga , leaving his die hard perplexed, not knowing what happened; but just like sycophant they are they one by one sprout and start making noise !

Sifuna Bungoma tulimuambia apantambua jinga