Armada spotted

64 ships. Around the Sun.
Massive military recruitments ongoing worldwide.
All 8 Major Solar Observatories shut down.
CIA and NSA sats down.
Main supercomputer fried.

Don’t be distracted. Something is going on

Atee whuot

Wanaume wenzako wananukisha kitunguu na wewe unaota na series mchana, ghasia

Let me get my tin foil hat out.

No seriously some shit is going down…the 64 ships is pure bs but something’s up…hopefully not literally:D:D:

My conspiracy part of my medulla obLANGATA tells me it is written that the luciferians in the US and woldwide will unleash a fake Armaggedon spearheaded by their satan to confuse and recruit pple into their movement before the real Armaggedon

I thought Armageddon was fought long time ago, before the birth of christ

The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario.

Hii bhangi unatumia in grade gani utusaidie nayo?

wacha nitoke inje na supadip yangu nipige muvi ya 64 sheep in the sun …dis gon be gud

enyewe seems suspicious

We are ready for them. Kari gani?

the first step towards your healing is finding a girl and getting busy. you are idle, young man

Nibiru aka Planet X.