Is this a real Arimis product ama ni photoshop…now you can buy without judgement

Was there any judgement to begin with?

fake chieth bila hio ngombe kwa pakiti hatununui hio maziwa

hio picha ya pili ni photoshop??

Are we tugeza now?[ATTACH=full]206247[/ATTACH]

it was debatable two years ago though and if it din’t follow through… ain’t that day


The guys who started that product were very lucky to stumble on an untapped market, on would think the likes of Vaseline nivea and other giants are impossible to compete with. Here comes a product for milking cows that i have seen every peasant use, there is money out there if you understand the market

Not only peasants but even birrioneas use it nowadays.



That sentence is incomplete without mentioning palmElla