Arguably the greatest speech in the history of sports entertainment

This is the “I have a dream” of the sporting world. All aspiring athletes should memorize it :D:D:D

The boxing world thrives on manipulating boxers’ “rage” for ratings. Apparently, Tyson never got the memo to turn off the rage during “civilized” interviews.

This one asked a controversial question thinking Iron Mike would play nice just coz it was a live interview

Mike: You look like a nice person but you’re a piece of shit
Reporter: All right, we’re gonna wrap up this interview. Thank you for coming.
Mike: Fuck you.

Homosexuals kina Patco an co. wakiskia ‘I’ll fuck till you love me’ wanacum saa iyo

That pseudo feminist deserved it and some more…

We will never see a boxer like Mike Tyson in a very long time.

Jaribu kusema “faggot” hii era ya woke feminist utakuwa cancelled.

Wtf how do you casually just drop we know you’re a convicted rapist?

Kwanza on live TV knowing there’s no chance to edit that shit. Then he acts surprised when Mike calls out his bullshit.

Miko Tyson has been misunderstood for the longest time…Don King pulled a fast one on him and stole his cash…I always think that rape allegation was just that…an allegation. Clearly a setup.