Argentinian cop gets promotion after breastfeeding baby...
The Argentinian police officer who breastfed a ‘malnourished and dirty’ baby that was brought into a hospital where she was stationed received a promotion for her selfless action.

Celeste Ayala was working at the Sor Maria Ludovica children’s hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina when the baby was brought in crying desperately. The hospital staff called the baby ‘dirty,’ but the kind mother-of-three didn’t care and instead put the baby’s needs first.

Ayala was promoted from officer to sergeant for her heroic, love filled gesture.

Cristian Ritondo, Buenos Aires provincial security minister took to Twitter to share the announcement, along with a photo of himself with a warmly smiling Ayala.

If these two words means that in Argentina,naomba nihamie huko.

Huko hawatambui nyeuthi…

Such are the people we want on planet earth.

Kwanini and i have a heart also? [SIZE=2]naeza nyonyesha pia[/SIZE].:smiley:

@kush yule mnono aende Argentina apewe kazi…but the kid will be hungry.

Good for her, such a kind motherly gesture.

Thay wanted to thank “him”…osungu.dll

Some mothers are heaven sent.

Recently nilijaribu kunyonyesha my son na alikua ananyonya. Si hio kitu inatekeresnya sana.

Uhhh what?Unasema nini? Utanyonyesha your son aje???


I hope she’s clean coz HIV can be passed through breast milk!

Upus. Wangenunua Nan. Problem solved

Nitaenda Argentina nikiwa ‘malnourished and dirty’

Was just playing around

Hehe … kush anaingilia wapi hapa

Welcome back boss.

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