Are you willing to die to save a few French lives? Come get your EU passport.


This is happening in other nations too like Canada. It is not an invite to newbies. It is rewarding those who worked so hard during the pandemic. Not many Kenyans can work in France because of the language barrier.

It would be interesting to know the demograhic makeup of these frontline workers like nurses. Am pretty sure an overwhelmingly large number are foreigners who are working there with the aim of investing back home and eventually returning

Don’t know if we can get those demographics now as the ground has shifted, may be later. A lot of people wrongly assume that all immigrants are nurses or careworkers. Not true at all.
But a significant number of immigrants are in the health and social care sector but so are the natives. I see a lot of British nurses in my hospital. They do it for the love of the job. Also they never lack jobs…and they choose shifts that fit them and earn v good money.
You see in that industry, there is a lot that goes on. I know Kenyan guys that sorely take on jobs of setting up surgery equipment ahead of an operation and my God, wako na mijengo hapo Kiambu unaangalia unajihurumia.
Some folk want to return home, some don’t like yours truly…

I will give my Arab position on this matter in due course

That arab position only exists in your pea-sized brain

Kwenda kanyambe na hio opinion yako na uko

This is not a heartwarming story. This is same France that has refused to let it’s former colonies see any real freedom.

Naweza taka kwenda Canada Ontario to be exact.

Taka tu taka taka


Decent place to live. Very cold. Toronto is very expensive but lots of opportunity. Ottawa is laid back but small city.

You will change your mind about returning home when you become an empty nester. Those who have built in Kiambu probably got those plots a while back. Right now the prices are ridiculous. I tried finding an acre but no.

I had come here to study and then go back home…alas I am still here years later. I would go home frequently for 4 weeks and it was never enough. Nowadays, huwa I am done by the end of the 2nd week. I start missing my life here with all its trials, tribulations and triumphs. All my serious friends are out here. I won’t say never…but also most of our kids don’t want to relocate so why leave them here ati so that I go back to my motherland in my old age? This is where I am taxed up to my eyeballs so will stay here and max that.

An acre in Kiambu in prime spots we are talking of millions and millions…if you did not cash in kitambo don’t bother. Moreover, most of the good sales are between you and who you know chini ya maji.

I only said that because I noticed that those who retired started moving back unlike before. At least they have a foot in both places but more at home. Partly because it becomes expensive to maintain a second home in the first world with limited retirement funds so you choose.
Anyhowly I may refer you in mind for that chini ya maji. The side I am looking at rose astronomically quarters are like 5 m so it doesn’t even make sense. And people bought and are reselling in eighths.

Most of the returnees I know here went and came back. They ran out of cash. School fees and medical bills killed the beat.
Chini ya maji is also a bit of doing due diligence coz land is a v emotional issue in Kiambu. So you might find a prime property, get all the legal paperwork done but huko ndani ukiuliza you will hear bros are fighting, sons and fathers have a feud…etc. Unaondoka pole pole. I am doing my last investment huko and am out.
Ebu look at Property 24 online just to get a feel of how things are going down if you have not.

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foreigners are used as [SIZE=7]cannon fodder[/SIZE]… they always regret it !