Are you prepped?

There are lots of ways civilization can collapse: Economic depression, pandemic, electromagnetic pulse( a solar flare or meteor impact causes electronic devices to fail); or a more likely cause would be a hurricane, earthquake or any other geological catastrophe. A good example was the post-electoral violence which saw unprecedented levels of civil unrest. Society didn’t collapse, but another event could occur in the near future. The question is, are you prepped?

For what?

Am actually forming a rebel army as we speak. The pasta lord resistance army for the greater liberation of the world. Applications are open. Requirements :must be able to continuously fart for 30 seconds or more.

We are forming a space force to protect us against invasion from outter space!

Not prepared and not preparing.

Prep schmeps. any of that comes up die like a soldier there’s nothing you can do.

Trusting in Jesus is all you need. After all, we are all going to die one day but the question is where do you go after death?

Civil unrest, societal collapse or just any catastrophe. Here in Africa we’re lucky since there are hardly any earthquakes and tornadoes and stuff. If you lived on the Gulf of Mexico coastline or East Indies not preparing for a hurricane is a bad decision since hurricanes and typhoons are a fact of life over there.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Okay when the economy collapses you’ll be dying of thirst and starvation when the mauradering hordes seige your home [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]but if nothing happens you’re in luck.

But can they protect the Earth from a solar flare?

I may be a Christian but I disagree. Even in the Bible they say in the book of Isaiah that the world’s economy will collapse in one day. Our monetary system is intangible, the only value it has is in our minds. We’re already going down the slippery slope…

Wacha ikuje, tuta cross hiyo bridge tukiifikia

We are all going to die?

1st Thessalonians chapter 4:16

Ask yourself: When we fika that bridge will your facial expression be the same that’s on your profile picture?


Nimeclick hiyo link nikaona wakisema ati watu wa stockpile on tissue paper.

Wazungu huwa na ujinga sana. It’s the fucking apocalypse!


There’s an American family that has 10 year’s worth of TP. Yah gotta think ahead me brooder.