Are you alone? You won’t last 30 seconds playing this game.

Are you alone? You won’t last 30 seconds playing this game.

… Najua hua mna skip hio Ad mbaya, makahaba nyinyi!!

:D:D:DNajua I ad but I can’t remember from where:cool:

Huwa X Vids kwa wingi.

[SIZE=7]How do you know if a guy watches porn?[/SIZE]

Play the Pornhub intro loud. If he notices, he watches porn.

If he doesn’t notice, he watches porn without the audio.


Juvenile thread, story kama hizi only excites horny teenagers ama old crossdressers like @PHARMACY

Fuck you…I thread Ina Bamba nime kumbuka kwenye mi huona iyo title

Yeah inabamba if you are adolescent teenager ghaseer

:D:D:Dmy adolescent years were fun

Juvenile thread na uko hapa uki contribute Mr. Grown Ass Lambistic Kinuthia…mefii wewe

It seems you are married to a fat ugly wife, sad life

You got me…
I love fat women

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Saa wewe, who hurt you? Haikosi wewe ni wa singooo mother, ndio maanake machungu mengi na maisha. Yooo, kataftee babako na huko.:D:D

You are a sissy faggot, it is worse than being a fatherless

Wewe peleka upunk ya kujiwekela na huko, mefii, unanukisha thread…i repeat, katafte babako na huko mbali. :smiley:

You can even last for 20 seconds let alone 30 seconds. Idiot, lambistic fool. Keino wewe.

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