Are You A Real Man? Only A Real Man Can Handle It


:meffi::meffi: BS

. I love how they are freaking serious about it.

a woman prescribing how men should be…like a goat telling a leopard how to behave…like the leopard cares…like men care

Kitu inanikasirisha ni you will still find some able bodied men out there nodding approvingly to that load of s**t.

How can i meet these women so i can laugh hard at their face?

Read men akina @Mwaniks789 kujeni mchukue makunguru wenu

The entitlement…hizi ni kunguru on steroids.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…I swear some of this women are low IQ fools or just trolls either way they are fools for " trying to measure" my alpha male manhood.

…hii ndio upuss in the history of upuss.

I’m still looking for LAMI…She’s It! :smiley:



Hahaha watakuita insecure misogynist manchild.some men need to be castrated na burdizzo 18 inch.

Chieth maduong’

The term “real man” is an oxymoron

Unasahau @Micymas wapi? Real Man gitu gani…

:D:D:D rEaL mAn

@Azor Ahai would knowingly approve this shit, mzee mjinga kabisa!!! you’ll see how he’ll Land in this thread and give a theory on how such women are important, that stupid wanker!!

“Real man”=women’s doormat

thread ilifaa ifungwe after hii comment ya roycoo

Speak for yourself you moron.