Are you a genius born after your time?

So i have discovered a few things that make me think i am a genius.

First waay back before my “mufara” was stolen by jaymo and his idiot neighbours i had discovered that adding royco to fried eggs made it taste even better and therefore ended up inventing a recepie for it and people enjoyed eggs in a way they have never before

Then later, in highschool, i discovered that after your pocket change ran out na umebaki na fare pekee yake and a loot of blueband (juu hakuna pesa ya kununua superloaf), you can mix BB witj chocolate and sugar to invent something new called chocoBB and eat it in your free time in weekends.

Juzi nimeona kukunywa chai ya kawaida is a bit boring, so i started mixing a few ingredients here and there hadi i discovered you can mix chocolate with coffee to make some nive tasting tea…my work colleagues love this combi hadi juuzi nikaambiwa hio ni mocachino huwa natengeneza.

This blew my mind and i was thinking had these things not be invented by others before me,’s name would be up there among the inventors and/or creators of the world.

What crazy things have you guys invented/created?

What you have described is called ingenuity, so clearly for not knowing this, you aint no genius. Just saying

Sawa Einstein mdogo.

Uhh you are a late bloomer. Most people know these simple things wakiwa watoi. Add royco to eggs? Move over guys we have a rocket scientist here:D

Haha hizo vitu zilikuwa everywhere. Unless it was an independent discovery. Especially choco-BB. I personally found it disgusting. Poison yangu ilikuwa taking two biscuits unaweka honey katikati the way you’d put BB kwa mkate.

ile umama uko nayo lazima uko na kuma kwa mgongo

By Jeevs, what sorcery is this?

This is not being a genius. You are just becoming stupid. Chocolate plus coffee to make tea??? Majani imetoka wapi hapo?


Given enough time, a chimpanzee typing at random would almost surely produce one of Shakespeare’s plays.

"There are 169,541 characters in the text(Hamlet) according to the tool at That includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, spaces, periods, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation points, colons, semicolons, ampersands, and hyphens. Altogether, that’s 36 possible characters…The odds of monkeys randomly typing out 169,541 correct characters in a row are 1 in 36^169,541 "


This is jiberish but I concur. No monkey would ever do that. Not our own here, nor the monkey Trader out there

So it’s still possible?

Ushamba ndio uko nayo - mix of cocoa and coffee is called Mocha - Just buy Mocha ya Miksi for professional mix sio hio yako wannabe, ati am an innovator - Mocha has been around for ages. Who was in boarding and never ate mixture? You’re so delusional my fren but the fact that uko Tumbilee I dont expect much from you really.Ati oh am an innovator. Innovator of what mixture and Mocha and Aromat? You’re retarded is what!

Id like to tell you things Ive discovered since for real even my own mother who saw my diapers calls me a genius buh theyre all illegal and whatever I say can be used against me in a court of law. So just know am a genius. So genius its criminal.

:smiley: Well they say there are many types of geniuses in the world .

@The.Black.Templar , block hii nugu :D:D


Yes. If you are a god and time has no meaning

The point is a chimpanzee can still randomly type a Shakespeare play.