Are we now not modern day slaves?

Since COVID, the inflation rate of our currency which, in my opinion, is driven by some fellows in USA and pushed down to Kenya in form of Federal Reserve Bank and Central banks making the PAPER money valueless has been designed to work harder to maintain the same quality of life as we had in the past. If you do not you end up losing the quality of life you used to…Why? The Dollar drives the global currency and is a FIAT currency whose value is determined by a few bespectacled fellows in a board room giving them the leeway to impoverish people at the twist of a pen… This makes the common people slaves of the system.

Now that is the case, how can one beat this system to survive?


You can’t beat that system, it has Africa and other 3rd world countries by the balls.

And we can’t do shit about it



Africans shida yao ni they can’t rally behind a common cause.


That state of affairs has been engineered by the system @yakut is lamenting


This is another bullet in the offing… China will invade Taiwan, soon

focus on yourself… the community will always be slave to something


That is what I am doing. I was just observing. Imagine earning a million then the same million is worth 600k after 2 years of depreciation! Why wouldn’t you get concerned?

“Salaaaala, wangwana mliniamini? Aje sasa”

Mimi nilisha kubali, as long as you are employed, you are a slave, and there’s nothing you can do about it


Hata mimi ni nimeona hivyo. It’s not about individual brilliance but ability to work together in large groups that differentiate the races.


Truer words have never been spoken.

Yeap. Individually, you can achieve all the success possible but collectively, negros are unable Marshall themselves for the good of all.

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