Are we fools?

Are the services we get from the ministry of internal security donations from the ministry?

Are the services we get from the office of the auditor general donations to the people of kenya?

Governors are using our taxes to give us donations


Post of the year

My friend the guy you support with an undying heart Mr. Ruto gives money to churches every Sunday : our taxes. You remember what you usuallly say when that is mentioned to you? I have seen you defend him and say that he is very “blessed” and ‘kind’ to the people and loves donating. Ati ni mtu mkarimu sana. Na hizo ni taxes anatumia kujipendekeza. Taxes meant to build a super dam for the people but now here he is using that stolen money to bribe them with an empty watertank so they can vote for him. So you have answered yourself.

Insult to injury they still stole a shitload from the covid fund in bungoma kila mtu kwa committee alipata 700k

In short rephrase that to :Mr Samoei uses our tax money to give us donations. And to buy himself a helicopter.

And it’s like they never learn. You steal 700k meant for poor people only to start begging for donations of 7 million to go treat cancer in India.
Lillian omollo of NYS was earning over a million as a P.S. In a year she used to pocket a cool 12 million. Yet she felt the need to steal a paltry 35 million and has lost it plus the job itself. Sijui ni kurogwa tumerogwa, i dont know


Siasa ya Arror weka kando, saa zengine shughlikia issues bila kuwa influenced na siasa za 2022.

Why shoot the messenger?

He must be the most successful businessman in Africa if he can afford to give away millions every sunday. His salary is just over 2 million a month. Yet one sunday he gives away a million, the next another 500k. Within the week he buys goats for 5 million. Even his hotel does not make that much. No hotel can blow that much.Mind you this guy is fuelling helicopters and numerous campaign prados every single day. If u drive a prado from Nai to eldie at full throttle and back that’s a cool 25k down the drain. Just 1 prado. Ruto did it daily, launching ‘development’ to go give cheap water tanks. Anywhu.

ii sio post ya Ruto. kama huezi focus nakublock

“The monkey in the black spirit does not allow any of them to invest long term”! It is only monkeys that cheer for handouts. Humans demand accountability, and seek to repay all they receive; or they completely refuse such freebies. Few handouts are given with or for dignity!

Mwambie at least uncle hujaribu

Stop being sissy. Man up and state wether his argument is right or wrong. The man he is talking about is overseeing all this thuggery going on and he is silent. He should question also why bungoma is doing such.

Aweke post ya Arror tutacomment. kama hana kitu ya kuchangia kwa post ya governors akae kimya


Yes, we are fools. Were fools for doing nothing about it.

What does blocking mean? Does it mean dat you can pull out a gun and shoot me through the computer screen for mentioning Ruto the thief? Does it mean that you can throw a punch and it connects with my jaw through my computer screen because I have mentioned Ruto the thug?
Coz am shakin in my boots right about now.:D:D

Thing is don’t come lecturing people about thieves and yet you yourself you support the biggest thief on the African continent … Now block me with your internet pistol that you claim is so dangerous Mr,