Are we drifting towards a one world religion?


How is that one religion @ChifuMbitika? During the Egyptian riots Christians would form a man perimeter to protect Muslims as they prayed …these are just “be your brothers’ keeper” gestures.

Muslims and Christians can never be one

Naonanga islam ndo dini pekee ya ukweli


This was a Catholic church premises. Maybe the Pope ordered this.


We’re drifting towards world retardation is what we’re doing. Stay off the youtube conspiracy videos.

@sani aliona ii maneno kitambo, before the corona virus, which was to come after the Pope’s event, only that the time available is limited[ATTACH=full]304221[/ATTACH]

Religion acceptable to Christians without Jesus? Heheheee… Ngumu. Ngumu sana. Christians will probably die before it comes to that one. There is no Christianity without The Christ. There is no Islam without MSAW (PBUH)

mambo ni kaganja, huenda yakaja, kaa kitako ujionee

After rapture

And without us Jews you would not have Christianity and Islam you guys hijacked our religion and our book, by the way why do Christians read the old testament?

The old testament is cool, ndio tunaisoma. Imagine a world where someone fakks up your eye, you fakk up his? No questions asked. And the boss is cool widdit. :smiley:

I agree. It seems that your post was predictive of what is going to happen. And the Pope will be behind it.

Jesus was a Jew just like all his disciples and prophets in Israel.

I know but Paul wasn’t a Jew he was a Christian

Paul was a Jew too but he was a villain who persecuted Christians before he saw the light