Are we being brainwashed?

Let me just start of this post by saying that I have nothing against gay people. I do not hate or dislike them, neither do I wish harm or violence on them.
Now, I recently came across this article claiming Spongebob Squarpants is gay, going by a recent photo post by Nickelodeon.
It reminded me of all the social justice propaganda going on in the entertainment industry especially movies. You can’t find a movie or tv series these days without LGBTQ characters shagging and it’s really uncomfortable to watch to say the least. I feel like this LGBTQ stuff is being shoved down our throats…and now they are going after the kids with gay cartoon characters.

I mean LGBTQ is a curriculum to be taught in some schools in the USA, four states have made it part of the curriculum starting this year. SO i think yes, it’s being jammed down people’s throats.

Its a political tool just like divisive politics

All this people think about is attention !

The white man condemned polygamy but condoned homosexuality!!

A wonder!

Na bado… next on their agenda ni pedophilia

Iyo nayo hawawezi considering every parent who are just majority of the population knows the pain if being one.

ngoja tu itaanza divided states of America before ifike huku

Kuna a certain episode of South Park called Tweek and Craig. It details exactly how people end up being gay. First the people involved with running this propaganda create rumors regarding it then they force you to accept regardless of your will. Alafu siku izi they have a way of playing psychologically with straight people. They claim that if you hate gays you are probably one, thus they deterr critics of faggotry coz they’llend up fearing they are gays. Hii kitu ni brainwashing deadly.

Mtoto wa mtu ukijaribu kuchezea ata hakuna story ati unaenda kwa polisi, iyo ni kifo direct. Unkess they’ll be developing tube babies for specifically that purpose, watapata opposition deadly because which sane parent will allow their kids to be defiled. I know there exists few psychotic ones and there are also several homeless children but they make a minuscule percentage of kids population

Nowadays in the west if a girl is a tomboy they are most likely to be made to become a transexual only for these ppl to later on start having psychological problems. But wakina CNN,BBC etc will never show this because it might offend tranies.

tayari imeshaanza.
imeanza na nguo za watoto. hakuna nguo refu na loose. zote ni tight na fupi (maparo wa states walkua wanateta sana kuhusu nguo)
the kids are also being given the freedom to choose whether to be gay or trans.
the kids are being encouraged to dance and do wild things in front of parents.
the cartoons and animations are showing its ok to kiss and be nude in front of grownups
the word Rape is nowadays rarely used to describe sex between a person over 18 and a minor.
barely legal teen porn is trending (they feature girls who look like they are in their early teens. they are always looking for younger looking)