Are these population rumors true?

There are rumours from several quarters, that the population of the Kikuyus is now third after Luhyas and somalis…
how true is this? is is founded on factual statistics from the kenya national bureau of statistics or it’s just political small talk?

Kuna shida if they are third?

What matters in the short and mid term is the voting population

When statistics were done in the Kibaki regime, the somali population had multiplied out of the logical growth bracket.
That the govt didn’t even make the census public. I understand many Somalis from Somalia had acquired citizenship through whatever means.
As for the Luhyas, I don’t know, but in .ke where voting is purely tribal, census are sensitive.

Maybe second after the Warias.

The Somali population has grown exponentially but they’re yet to join the ‘big four’

luhyas wako wengi kuliko okuyu.but they dont use it to their advantage

Census iko next year

Nope, Somalis from Somalia have acquired Kenyan citizenship. Let’s see those statistics.
What have changed in Northern Kenya to stimulate population growth ?

Shit, that thing is gonna be politicized ile mbaya, with 2022 in mind.

What quarters in particular and do they have vested political interests when spreading such rumours so as to foster an otherwise impossible electoral tale?

Somalis might be the fastest growing group but unless growth has completely stopped wazungu style in other demographics, catching up is a multi-generational effort spanning several decades possibly well over a hundred years or more.

Review of constituency boundaries is expected to commence this year.


abandu unite

Ongeza county kupata pesa according to population, hii census next itakuwa na vituko

Haitangoja census?

Tigray ni 6% of population, 6% tu, na vile wamehangaisha raiya kule Ethiopia.

ni vile Katimba inasema review should happen after ten years. if you asked me it is not necessary.

mungich muzee KATIMBA ni nini ama unaongea kikamba

The boundaries should be reviewed once the census are done.
The last census and boundaries reviews were heavily politicized, central was systematically denied new constituencies, while Rift Valley and other ODM stronghold were given new constituencies.
As @shocks said, the counties will complicate things further.

Waria hawajapita 500,000.