Are these pieces of furniture worth the prices?


Hii mbao kwani ilimea na dhahabu ndani? A fool and his money…

product descriptions in kenya sucks. Si walipe mwarabu niwaonyeshe how to craft em

The monaco entertainment unit apa bypass ni 65k . These guys are making crazy margins.
But ukitoka kuona pahali billionare hununua such pieces pitia apo panesar uko ni mauono.

ODDS & ENDS will continue to kamua the rich and the middle class. If you go to Alibaba you’ll see all these products. Wacha wajinga wanyoroshwe.

Watu wakae lanes zao

Methinks there are people in Kenya who decide that their money can be splashed anyhowly when I see these kinds of dealers selling simple items at such outrageous prices.

you should visit Rampel Designs…huko ndio sisi billionaires tunaenda shopping. Custom made

You should visit Henry West, I saw seat prices that looked like my phone number,

Afadhali nyinyi



inidans , somalis , diplomats and expats buy these things while you bonobos shout BBI & ruot 2022 badala ya kujiendeleza , meffi sana

Kama unalia juu ya hizi na antiques je???

Unaambiwa meza ni kshs 6.8 million starting price at auction.

Quite impressive.

Inaitwa value/benefit addition … crawl, walk, run, drive, fly …

Haimaanishi the buyer is stupid and the seller is a thief, it means both parties value improvements over the ordinary, even if emotional.

Shida ni kama unajua bei ya materials and labour that goes into it, your ancestors will sit on your chest when you sleep feeling disappointed.

Weh! Lakini hizo ni kama treasured artpieces

There is not law prohibiting the separation of a fool and his money. Siri ni kutembelea hizo showroom.kuiba design then unapea omosh atengeze.


Hapo Hakuna a fool ni mapesa wako nayo baba

Style is good, but I don’t really like the quality. most of the modern furniture isn’t durable at all, as if old furniture was way better quality-wise. I remember when I had to buy some furniture for my living room I went to our local store and I was really disappointed with the quality and prices, It’s extremely expensive for nothing. I kept on searching on the internet for a week or so and still couldn’t find anything decent. So, I decided to call my brother for a piece of advice, and he told me that I should buy outdoor furniture because it’s more durable and looks the same as normal furniture. I went on the internet and ran into a really good website that had the best outdoor furniture I have ever seen. I ended up buying everything from there and I’m really happy with my decision.