Are there freelance programers in the house?

How do you market yourself? Get clients? How did you start? Are there websites to look for jobs?

First you must identify your Client or client base. Then, two things.

  1. You must know your Client.
  2. You Must know your Client.

THEN ask yourself, what can you offer your Client more efficiently and at a cheaper cost than everyone else? That way, become almost indispensable to your Client - 'cause hey, no one else can do what you do.

  1. Go to your Client. Do what it takes - go to where they converge and sell your idea.

If you are looking to start now, I suspect you are “a millennial”. Millennials think they can open a business from zero and hit the jackpot on day to of work. It does not work like that. There will be many, many setbacks. You will feel like quitting, many times more. Only those who stick it out are crowned with success.

In addition to this check out and subscribe to events hosted by IHub. Most of them are free and quite informative and it’s an opportune set up to build your networks. And business models are build through network.

Freelancing is a high paying jo b tpo people who are willing to sit down and work. It can be very stressful at times when you are overloaded. I am sure that you must haave searched google for freelancing jobs but that did not get you anywhere. There are a freelancing networks that are well trussted but I will recommend only two. The first one is This one can be used by anyone no matter their age. Even teenagers can work but they have to be at least 16. Without any certificates or qualification, you can still get a lot of jobs that requir only knowledge in all the Microsoft office software and a fast typing speed. You must know how to do research on the internet and be able to write good English. The second one is upwork but it is more for professiuonals. Most peoples accounts do not get approved. Go there if you are a serious person otherwise stick to