I know the concept of conscience is becoming a foreign and abstract concept. Yet a person like me is still very much afflicted by a guilty conscience especially if I do something that harms another. As a result of this I can’t engage in many lucrative businesses bcz they involve taking advantage of people. Encouraging vices. Even destroying peoples lives. I’ve seen believers who say Times are tuff so you take what you can get. For me Ive never had financial issues so its easy for me to pontificate. Whats your position on ungodly/worldly sources of income?

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My dad owned a bar… My mom (born again) was so against it… I didn’t see any problem until I thought about it… it causes more harm than good…of course money was coming in but how about those people who are wasting their lives, irresponsible sexual behavior etc??he later closed it down and took up some other business…

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You need a dick only and your body and mind will settle.

Georgina una kam when nifungue server

me thinks you feel this way right now…after your sharp words gol it through a poor boychild’s balls castrating him in the process:D:D:D

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Analysis:mtu aliuza kuma DHKMBHBMHBZ na kesho ni sunday, akaona asumbue elders.Ni hayo tu.

Wewe tulisema ni malaya

@GeorginaMakena mi ni mzuri kam twende holiday Zanzibar

thats was good since watoto wa bar n brothel owners hawaendangi poa in life. they end up being miserable men n women. unless they break the curse… if u think sunnymango research is far fetched think of the children of that bar owner in your village/town…

Its so true

There is a curse that goes down the generations.

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Niambie ukienda Disneyland. Zanzibar ni local.

What of renting out your building to these guys wanataka weka pub or strip club

Hiyo biz ya bar or those lanye places ni poa kama uweke family kwa giza because it is not easy to sleep if you own one. You have to be one damaged person kumaintain kwa hiyo maneno