Are There Any VPN Apps Still Able To Tunnel Free Internet?

Sometimes in 2017/18 guys used to access free internet from Safaricon via VPN. You only had to activate a small bundle of as low as 10MB then launch your VPN app and even after exhausting your legally purchased 10MB the app still found a port to exploit and you remained connected for UpTo to a month.


So far hakuna

Yenye mi nakumbuka ya safcom, there were some numbers you would dial then unapata free international calls. 2007 huko.
Hii ya VPN ilinipita. But kuna groups mi huona watu wanahawk bundles mwitu.

Iko. Search widely.

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HA tunnel


Tafuta na a naija guy called Papi Hex

You can tunnel dns but you are fwacked by the snail speed


Finch VPN ilituokoa sana

asimshow kwani safaricom ni yako?

Ni yangu. I have 100shares

Finch VPN - i used it between 2015 to 2017
Then came psiphon pro- that was most widely used.
used to tunnel alot of ports
Blackberry internet - id say this was the best,very smooth and high speeds (2018-2019)
Your Freedom VPN- this was the last best and usable internet in 2019
Ever since that, everything has been hectic
others include slow DNS, HTTP Injector etc… many others i cant recall.
right now, HA tunnel ndio iko but shitty.

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this guy is/was very stupid. he exposed a lot of ports on Facebook. any time he posted, the trick would spread like bushfire, it would get closed in a day or two. I remember a time we managed to remove him, admin, from his own Whatsapp group. that is when I learned the power of social engineering


Those were indeed interesting times when VPNs could sometimes help access free internet. However, it’s essential to note that internet service providers have become more sophisticated in detecting and preventing such exploits.If you’re looking for secure online solutions, you might want to consider different options. For added privacy and security, some users choose to Buy Private Proxy from LightningProxies . These proxies can serve various purposes, including safeguarding your online activities.It’s always important to use the internet responsibly and within the bounds of your service agreements.

are mofos writing kijiji comments using AI these days? fuck is going on here

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finnaly useful info…thanks

poverty problems. Anyway kitambo I used to used slow dns.

It works by connecting to safaricom through port 53(dns port) this port is always kept open for dns queries. So once it connects to safaricom and sends a dns requests to slow dns server it sends back internet disguised as dns queries but as the name slow dns suggests it was painfully slow around 256kbps(32kB/s) peak speed.

No one earth deserves less than 30mb/s up/down in 2024.

Hapa kwa job I do upgrades on operating systems several times a day. Both kwa job and at home nikona 100mbp/s connection. A 4-5GB 0S download takes me under 45 min.