are the vagina wals tighter as you get nearer to the equator

why is sex in kenya so tingle-icious?
i say it as someone who has never had dryfry in kenya and yet it feels best over there! is it about trust condoms?
that fake game we see on the internet, hiyo game ya makataa is all drama. hakuna kitu hapo.
yet dame wa sabina anakulalia missionary and your loins explode like ol donyo lengai before you say ngwe!
my hypothesis is that due to the earth’s bulge around the equator (the earth is not a perfect orb), kenya is significantly futher away from the earths core; hence there is a weaker pull of gravity as say compared to miami. this means that the vagina walls in kenya collapse inward while the ones further to the poles are pulled outwrads.
what do you think about my clitsorisis theory??

i think you should get your stupid idle mind a job


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Uko too idle for this life

Never had dryfry, hapo ndo nliachia.

Unasema hivyo na umempatia like in fact you’re the the first one to reply to his posts or give him likes

uncle nyamba enda ukahare muthige wewe