Are The United States and Europe to Blame for Kenya's problems?

I watched this video on how the west helped stage a coup to overthrow Kwame Nkrumah. Do you think that the west is the reason why countries in Africa are so underdeveloped? Or is it our own problem?

PS- Here’s the video, watch it and form your own opinion

Wasubiri wanasija na 1.0 zao

Gaddafi, sankara etc

The West created and supported bad systems. Visionless African leaders followed the systems

Hio ya lybia was bad

Western governments + African elites.

This statement summarizes Kenyan and African problems.

Africa can blame everyone else but bottom line is we vote in bad corrupt greedy leaders. Na wamejua kutukula kama njugu karanga. I am slowly slowly X10 sleep walking to the group that supports AM NOT VOTING! Wacha ikae…so is my mama and her friends.

Nipe summary please. Videos and I huwa hatupatani sana coz of my domestic duties. ;)Having said that tujungu twetu huku tumepotelea huko…

African problem is africans themselves. Lets not blame the white gods

I have been saying this all this time and you were telling me those guys were a necessary evil.

We can blame both

The 20th century was a war of ideals between the west and the Soviet Union.

Africa was caught in the middle. We had enemies everywhere. Our great and open leaders were gunned down in the streets, executed in public executions, South Africa developed a nuclear bomb to eradicate us, they weaponized aids/hiv, famines of unimaginable proportions.

We came out stronger.

Bibi wa kupigwa pigwa hatuwezi kumlaumu bwanake,bibi ajitoe,the minute african realized that mzungu fcuked them over,they should have acted then. Whiye man is working for his interests na amerialize bonobo ni bonobo. Ni ka kudinyiwa bibi,cant blame the man

So our beloved big man from Rift lost one vote!!

Africans - Kenyans lack discipline, foresight and a work ethic. Are corrupt and thieving, stealing has become part of the accepted social fabric.

They want to become overnight multi-millionaires or billionaires with the least amount of work or effort put into it.

Population explosion is also not sustainable to pull out of generational poverty.

They elect thieves, people that are not upstanding citizens and expect them to perform miracles whilst in office. Whine for 5 years and repeat the same cycle.

So no, Europe or the US are not to blame for the problems bedeviling Kenya and Kenyans.

ask thomas sankara and patrice lumumba…better yet ask iraq and libya

Wewe wacha. I have never ever said they are a necessary evil. I consistently say that we have a line up of thieves so pick the thief of your choice.

At the moment I stand with him. But after Uhuru taught some of us a lesson, you can rest assured I don’t owe any one my vote. I can change lanes v fast. And with BBI upon us…eeeer…