Are restaurants that charge over 3000 for a meal viable these days?

Alright. Then it means they have a marketing problem cause people dont know they served aged meats.

But even so, I would still rather fogo gaucho with their large meat selection (and fish… i luv their prawns btw) and excellent salads.

Hahahha kina baba klichy & Ljunberg ama momos :D:D

shida ya fish fried the previous day ni gani?

Risk of infection or contamination is much higher in white meat.

Try Alan Bobbe’s Bistro on Rhapta Road or Fonda NBO at Rosslyn mall if you want to try some Mexican cuisine.

Really? The last time I was in Egesa it was a filthy poko den with mchele droppers all over the place. Bar iko na vita every 30minutes mpaka unashindwa watu wamekunywa nini…

You congregated with dim eyes. Inakuwanga hivyo kukiwa na ohangla. All manner of riffraff show up. Enda mchana ama Sunday evening. Utapenda.

Eagle’s The Steakhouse at Ole Sereni has never disappointed. But accessibility ndio noma. You can easily find yourself on the bypass and then have to go all the way to turn at Langata. [SIZE=1]napenda nyama sana[/SIZE]

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D 100% True, Nilijipata nimeshika Bypass hadi huko Langata then back

Interesting… whats the setup like? Is it an all-you-can-eat affair? What are the prices like?

I was embarrassed to admit that I did that too. Uzuri my date was then 1st lady so alicheka tu

Very cosy and the views over the NN.Park are spectacular especially at dusk as the sun sets behind Ngong Hills. It was à la carte and I think it set me back about 3K per person for a 3-course meal. However, I’d suggest The Big 5 restaurant in the same hotel for their eat-all-you-can plans on weekends.