Are people taking this "photography thingy" a tad too far?? You be the judge

What does this have to do with photography ?;

kipara itapata goosebumps.

Ile siku watu watajua in real life I have a very thick afro watakuwa disappointed saidi.

I like turtles.

very gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy statement

Your Governor should be answerable…
But hii Kimilili Iko upande gani wa Kenya? o_Oo_O

hapo nyeri cownty

your deek is small; her vajay is a mall

bingwa dinywa

cc@wycliffe wangamati


a sponsor
a hoe
n child for child support

Kimilili I think iko karibu na Kilimanjaro kama sijakosea.

Yaaawn.Hizi comments za yahoo/youtube peleka hukoo mbali

Why do I have this strange feeling that you are lying to me,but issokey:(

Allow me to play you a sad song on the world’s smallest violin.

:DReminds me of a certain line from a British rapper

You’re not a ‘badman’ coz you robbed someone, you’re just poor and brave.