Are people taking this "photography thingy" a tad too far?? You be the judge

Just came across this pic that has been doing rounds on social media and I was like… “wow” .People be doing new things everyday nowadays.But where should we draw the line …
Creativity si mbaya but kuna creativity questionable [ATTACH=full]169547[/ATTACH]

What the ferk is the photo supposed to portray anyway? I’m puzzled

This photo has done the rounds since doing the rounds was the in thing …

They are just daring, not artistic/creative.

I even find it lame taking photos during coitus… but thats me

I don’t even know what was going through their minds while taking the pic, but their baby is going to see it when he becomes older:D:D:D:D

Your phone cannot allow it even.:D:D:D:D

Sawa “tounge twisterer”:D:D

:(:D:D:D:D kanyau

And his friends,teachers,colleagues etc ,talk about messing someone’s life.

Nothing wrong but not my kind of thing , nice arse though !!

But there’s nothing that’s happening.
Just another silly couple in a silly pose.

hizo roundi imekuwa ikipigia side gani coz hapa kimilili haijafika

Upuss photo

Enda ICFEM Kimilili utaipata huko

hapo karibu nyumba ya DO , tuliiba maembe sana nikiwa mtoi

Hayo ni madre…

Na ndio maana wewe ni kichwa maembe kipara.


pseudonymph tuoshe mecho na hata manicure