Are our prayers futile?

so the last two weeks have been quite hectic… we had surging numbers of covid admissions and as per our hospital protocol had to fill in some gaps so that our colleagues in the emergency department don’t strain out. amidst the dying patients, coughing, screams for dead loved ones, and countless sessions of resuscitations, I noticed that relatives of patients who either on MV or on HF oxygen (the ones in line to die) were so prayerful sometimes bringing bibles and pastors to hold fellowship in the prayer rooms. astonishingly none of these patients ever made it. all through I wondered were their prayers heard? was there an intervention? did they deserve it?

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I’ve always found prayer requests a little bit selfish. What makes me special that I should be heard? If you are praying to be close to God or for the strength to endure his will, that’s something else. But asking for ABCD to happen in your life. Come on. You ain’t that special.

Siku hizi this sentence has become very common, “We loved you, but God loved you more!”.

I choose not to express my sentiments here.

Their prayers were heard, they just did not like the answer God gave them. God gave them the answer of Vaccine/Wearing a mask religiously/Maintaining distance…

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walisema religion is the best consolation tool . Hii ingine ni sarakasi tupu

In the morning, a lion wakes up and pray to God, “please God, give me food today. If you give me an antelope, it will feed me and my family very well.”

Within the same morning, an antelope somewhere wakes up and pray to the same God, “please God, protect me today from predators like lions.”

God looks at both of them and says, “NAH! YOU TWO DEAL WITH YOUR OWN SHIET!”

God does not exist. Hio kuomba ni kupoteza muda

George Carlin fan?

Yes sir.

:smiley: Animals do not pray but i get your story, we pray not to get sick a doctor prays for patients. Dying is not bad but dying young when you would wish to stay for a little while is sad. But whether we live or die now none of us in this village will be alive in the next 90yrs. I watch youtube videos of 1890’s, streets full of healthy young people and kids, and then i remember none of them is alive today even those toddlers. Then I ask myself what is point of being born… just a short visit and then we go. Of what gain is it to be alive?

God hears our prays and answers them , sometimes the answer isn’t what we wanted to hear, sometimes God gives you the knowledge to figure it out, sometimes God just let’s to to suffer the consequences of your actions so that someone else can learn from your experience.

We are all mortals. Those who think Christians should change the same laws of nature that God Himself obeys are mistaken. Do not jump into fire, you will be burned. That is why Daniel said, "God is able to deliver me, (and even if he does not, I will not bow…)."

Mark 11:12
The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry.
Mathew 2:13-23
Joseph is warned in a dream to flee with the infant Jesus and his mother to Egypt in order to escape Herod’s continuing plots to destroy him.

*Do not touch covid infected material knowingly even if you are God. You will get infected. You could die. If you get infected unknowingly, you could also die.

God does not exist to change the workings of nature. He exists to ensure the laws of nature consistently hold, and He makes sure they follow through, and sometimes death is the logical conclusion in some events under those laws.

Mungu tusaidie.


:DHow do you know animals do not pray?

Praying=talking to yourself
It’s obvious prayers don’t work

Wewe nilikwambia you are cursed,unajifanya unauliza swali yet unacheka wagonjwa waliokufa …senjii

Mungu hapendi nyeuthi. Alisema atatuletea eternal suffering na subjugation.

Your prayers are diverted to other people. Leo nilikua nimetuliza morning nikiskiza palito,mtu amepigiwa simu amedoze only kuambiwa ameshinda 100k yet kuna mtu pale kanisani amekesha nakutoa mshande yake yote but…yeah,all futile

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