Are Mordern Black Men Providers?

Are modern black women home-makers?

Kaulize bwanako

That is a very pertinent question.

From what context exactly, from the American, Africa or world perspective?
There alot of social economic issues to consider while having this conversation, it’s not an easy yes or no answer.
Also consider both genders compete for jobs these days so, expecting all men to exclusively provide will be a bit far stretched…


Is there any woman who is not a home maker? As long as she doesn’t live in the streets she has no option but to be a homemaker. Even if she’s single her house must be in tip top shape, she must manage her finances, she must cook and eat nutritious meals.

OK. Here’s the full debate

Yeah. A woman that can’t cook or clean isn’t a home-maker.

Wanawake visirani kama wewe cant be home makers

Are there women who can’t cook and clean? I myself cook so well that people ask me if I went to catering school and I tell them I just love eating good food bcz I was always in the kitchen since I was a child. And I don’t see cooking as a chore. I see as an opportunity to create. It’s men who look at cooking as something inferior. That’s why they keep saying, go back to the kitchen and make the men some tea. Majority of the food I have cooked in my life has been eaten by my loved ones and myself so I never got the attitude that cooking is a way to prove your self worth to men. Because my baby brother is a chef, so I don’t have all those hangups men have about cooking. Because I see how men look at cooking. It’s with contempt. And that’s probably why modern women hate cooking bcz it’s associated with servitude. To me cooking is an art. I love to embellish and I am so spoilt that even in the office I must add spice to my tea for it to be palatable bcz in my house. Tea must have cloves and cardamoms and ginger. Like I never ever make plain tea unless it’s the instant tea sachet. Even my ugali must have butter or cream in it. I eat out in various restaurants so as to find new interesting dishes to add to my menu and I also follow cooking channels on YouTube like Strong Mommy Chrissy has so many simple yet nice meals.

My point is that men are the ones who have poisoned womens mind against cooking and house keeping. Because they hold the two roles in contempt. I only feel some kind of way about cooking wen I come here and men start insulting you with cooking. So I completely blame men. No woman can dislike cooking unless she associates it with servitude and inferiority.And that attitude comes from men.

Men use female work as a form of subjugation and that is what young women are resisting. House work has made people like Martha Stewart billionaires as has cooking and when men have gone into female work like nursing and cooking they’ve bcm reputable professions. There’s a white paper on the feminization of work, where research shows that women join a former male dominated career, the pay goes down and the career is no longer seen as lucrative. It’s the downside of living in a patriarchal society.

I disagree Georgina. I have many girlfriends who cannot cook you a bean. Blame it on upbringing. Besides in Kenya if you really invested in your education and got yourself a good job, you don’t have to slave by the oven. The mboch and mama nguo will do the stuff for you. Things have changed.
I only agree with one thing…household chores should not be used to measure how good a woman is. Consequently a man who provides all the money is not necessarily a good husband/human bieng and life companion. We see this all the time when kimtu kinaoa 4 wives, all provided for, has loads of wealth and just decides not to draw up a will. How callous is that?

How do these people eat if they can’t cook a bean? Do they have a full time maid or how do they survive bcz eating out get boring bcz after some time it’s just the same thing you eat as opposed to eating at home where you can change things up alot bcz there’s millions of recipes online. So my question is do they have live in maids or do they buy food every day and doesn’t it tend to get monotonous eating out daily.

For me cooking was like an adventure coz my mom didn’t like kids in her kitchen so wen we got a chance to do it it was a big deal, I hate the fact that the only impetus a woman should have to learn how to cook and keep house is because of a man. Even if she’s single she will still need to eat and not just eat but eat very very well and keep house very well bcz her home is her sanctuary and she’s the first beneficiary of all these skills. This brainwashing that women should be able to do certain things in order to please men is a belief system right from the pits of hell.

One time I lived at a certain lady’s place in another town. I was surprised that she would never cook, while me I was there cooking pancakes for breakfast and biriani for dinner. She seemed to enjoy it and didn’t want me to leave but I was like, why do people like good things, good food, good life but they can’t be bothered to give themselves those nice things. Must you have your family to cook nice food? That’s the attitude that women must have. Everything you do is for yourself not for a man, or someone else approval. You first. And you should also give yourself the best before men or anyone else.

There is a tidy selection of micro-wave meals and the suppliers have seen a gap in the market and upped their game. Food from farmers can now be delivered to you for a weeks supply, just give them the menu utapangiwa sana. V good so good but pesa utoe.

Secondly Kenyans…enterprising Kenyans that is have opened home services making the tedious chapos, mandazis, samosas etc. Mimi I won’t lie to you. I can make them but I find it easier to place an order. Niende nichukie the delicacies, pay and put them in my freezer.

My hubby is lucky that I was taught how to cook and clean. My Mum used to discharge the mboch each school holiday. He cannot cook you a bean either. Just boiro.

But somehow, money should be used to measure how good a man is :D:D…according to most women. The irony

This is why I disagree with you and my MGTOW brethren here on this ishu. If you hang out with young women like my nieces na unataka wasikuitishe pesa then you are lost. They will ask and depend on you. If you take on a woman my age who got hitched after your supposed bracket hihihihi is it 18-22? then we talk about our money not his money. The generalisation on KT is offputting.

It is not ironical…'STRUTH

There’s no irony young man. Children belong to the man and if a woman will have sex with you which will produce kids either planned or by accident, she must be assured that the children will not suffer bcz their dad is a broke ass. Women are not cut out or created for financial struggles OK?

:D:D:D:D:D yes.

The same can be said by men about women. If I am going to sire kids with a woman, I need to be sure that they will not starve and become chokosh look-alikes by living in a filthy house and eating junk food. It goes both ways. My point is a smart woman should not compromise on a man’s resources. A smart man will not compromise and marry a woman who can’t do house chores.

No fire a better reply, yu can do that. Why would you go skin deep knowing anything could happen such as pregnancy with a woman bila kakitu and no prospects alafu mnasema singo mathas saa yote?. You guys help create them. Naah man. We need to revert back to some years ago.