Are Kids of non-kenyan fathers but kenyan mothers considered kenyans??

Reason i ask this is because i have a pal who is actually frustrated.Dude was born in kenya has lived in kenya all his life,infact even did the kenyan system but getting an id has been impossible simply because the Dad is not kenyan.I know what the constuitution says …but kwa ground vitu viko vipi??

Kwa ground tunasema huyo jamaa akukule mkundu polepole

your friend ama wewe??

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mimi hata nimgekosa kuitwa mkenya ingekuwa complement…nchi bure kabisa…

wacha pointy waumie

Your friend is one lucky bastard,hii kenya ni mashida tu.Ako ready kulipa machinku dough yao? Atembeze tu inchi ya babake,labda huko sio kubaya saana

He should assume the mother’s nationality then. Where does the father reside and did he ever acknowledge him anywhere? he can then take it from there…

Singo matha problem.

assume the mothers nationality?expound?

He’s entitled to dual citizenship. Iko mtu hapo in the govt office anatafuta bribe. Simple as

How now?

ok you saying he should be kenyan no??but thats what he is trying to do.Lakini coz his birth certificate has his fathers name who is not kenyan he is being denied citizenship.Mind you ameishi kenya miaka yake yote…baba ni mburundi.

Yes he has a right to be Kenyan. What is the reason for the denial?

yea thats what im saying lakini he told me kama baba si mkenya its very hard for one kupewa document…ati its next to impossible.

simply because baba si mkenya…got me thinking how corrupt the system is…I mean that was the old constuitution no??the new one states that one can become a kenyan if either the dad or mum is kenyan…but kama kina miguna were deported it shows no laws are followed.

Might need some bribing…

Ako na miaka ngapi? Kumi na nane ama amechelewa kiasi? Na anajaribu kuchukua kitambulisho pande gani?

they are my friend is from burundi ,so long as the kids were born here they are citizens by birth

so ni bribing tu yahitajishwa??

hehe i think amechelewa …considering tulifanya kcse na yeye kule 2007…amegonga 30 kama mimi…