Are Kenyans Fools?

All African countries are being locked into Government-Government deals by Arab countries with on instructions from Western powers, to avoid oil deals with rogue oil producers such as Russia.

Your president is powerless when it comes to oil business. All oil marketers are currently making abnormal profits.

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Chinaman you just have to accept these things. This is how things go in Africa. Where educated and thinking people are pushed aside for fools and thieves to lead.


How many times will I tell you people huyu ni mkikuyu si china, kwao ni kiambu along thika road . Anaitwa maina WA njeri


His head is hit by donkey.

Uyo ni kijana wa singo matha


Sema uko broke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sisi mafuta ifike 500 per litre we actually don’t feel it.

Born to harvest not to sweat kama idlers WA ktalk.

How can you feel it? A servant is fed, clothed and housed by his master. Can the servant talk about the cost of living?

Nangojea sana ile siku @Gaza atakuona upper cuts. Unajichochanga sana

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Muombeni recipe za dog head stew