Are Jaluo men having the best sex?

“It is shown that the foreskin is more sensitive than the uncircumcised glans mucosa, which means that after circumcision genital sensitivity is lost.”

Source: is shown that the,circumcision genital sensitivity is lost.

Elders. I’m starting to regret having my mjulus cut off at a young age. Should I look into rungu reconstruction treatments?

Are there any people who had sex pre-knife that can confirm the before and after side effects

homosexual nenda unyonye smegma kwa @magreb 16kg foreskin


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Utamu wa sex ni kumwaga foreskin or no foreskin

Ama aulize @PHARMACY, most of his clients are the uncircumcised mofos and they must be telling him a lot of this shet after kumbomoa mkia.
Such a hopeless kamba cow


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mzee @kanguthu why are you bitter ? Bitter @ late 60s years of age ? Y don’t you commit suicide ?

Foreskin=penchant for throwing stones,kungoa reli, engaging in flying toilets completions, rejecting supreme court decisions…

you are clearly lacking omega 3 fatty acids, your spelling is atrocious, your logic is homosexual, and your priorities ape-like… ketisha hako ka door knob you call a penis chini

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Yours sounds like mutilation bro, not circumcision:D

Wait,you weren’t circumcised. Hii yako ni Emasculation

Kuna nyang’au inajifanya imecheka hapo juu na haijatairi :D:D:D:D:D

The apes are quick to glorify stupidity… The outside world sees y’all as dirty low IQ apes who need circumcision to be accepted into the ape heard. .

mizungu is full of crap

You were cut because your ancestors came up with a barbaric traditions inspired by the white mans bible…ama you equate being a man with losing skin?:D:D oooga booga wooga, maybe you understand ape better

has nothing to do with the white man and the bible the practice was part of the culture and existed before the mzungu and you give the mzungu too much credit

Regardless of origin… Explain how penis mutilation makes you manlier than the rest of us… Does it alter genes, build muscles or improve intelligence? I think not…floor is yours

like i said its part of culture if your looking for a scientific explanation i don’t have any