Are Internet trolls psychopaths?

cc: @smokin_gun do you agree with your fellow Dr. Grand? That a third of millenials are internet trolls.

Smoky gun see what your trolling made Bahati do

Huyu mama ana take advantage ya huyu boy

Bahati has lost its marbles. Akona ujinga sana.

This bahati issue has made me realise what growing without a father figure can do to boy child.

That’s a nice home. He is lucky many Kenyan artistes or actors live in the slums. Amejaribu.

Well it’s too late now so…

Not quite

You want him to divorce with 4 kids?

I Didn’t say anything about a divorce, he can seek a mentor and change his feminine ways.otherwise, his behaviors will ultimately affect his sons.It’s good trying to seem romantic but he needs to strike a balance banae

Atoe familia kwa public spotlight … especially the kids.