are infinix IEDs part of a botnet?

Nimesoma kwa infinix Facebook page promotion yao ya mother’s day nikashangaa.

Can they change your wallpaper remotely? If they can do that, what else can they do?

[b]Would you like your Mothers Day
message to appear as wallpaper on
infinix phones all over the world on
Mothers Day? Here is how:

  1. Share a photo/video/special
    message that you would like to send
    to your mother using

Message4Mama and tag @InfinixKe

on Facebook
2. Submit before Thursday the best
photo/video/special message wins a
shopping voucher for their Mama!
PS: T&Cs apply[/b]

The bigger question is which mobile company doesn’t have access to everything in your phone. An even bigger question, is there anything of interest in our phones?

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I think that requires whatever app they’re going to use to gain control of your launcher/drawer, will need to have express permission from the user.

That is if the permissions weren’t already assented to.

Iko mtu anasomanga permissions kweli?
Ikitokezea unafinya ok straight away

its not possibe. infinix ni jina tu android belongs to Google.

I thought OEM’s could edit Android before installing it on their phones

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Ebu soma tena. Wapi imesema watai change?

1st line

Oooh yeah. Skipped that. Sasa apo ndio una ignore utu tu updates tudogo hatuna maana