Are Black Americans suffering FROM GenerationalPTSD

As a fan of true crime I’ve noticed a trend where black Americans are so trigger happy and violent. This girl had a bright future but nah she is going to jail for life over 500 dollars a guy did not pay her after she won a dice game. That led to murder. Btw she is a male version of a lesbian couple. Stud or butch, have the same qualities men have, they have to win an argument even if it means throwing their whole lives away to come out on top. Dominant. So there a multi million dollar WNBA career goes over a 500 dollar gambling debt. To prove that you can’t refuse to pay the money I won in a dice game. And basically this is how black Americans are 100 people can be killed over something w very small beef started by other people. Coming out on top is very important.

Yup, she had to prove a point no matter how great the consequences. Is it rage? Stupidity? They call it “disrespect” around here. You can’t disrespect a dindu nuffin and think for a second that you can get away with it. There’s an unwritten code for what constitutes ‘disrespect’ and it’s upon you to find out prior to dealing with these people.

Well we can’t take no disrespect now, nobody wants to be seen as a spineless punk. There’s another one I saw where some black girls run over some one. It’s like you must prove that you you are not a punk even if it costs you everything. Reminds me of the child support killings. People don’t want to be punks. Better to rot in jail than be seen as weak. But I think they have anger management issues.

Oh absolutely, anger issues are very prominent in the black community. Live wires! Professor Joy De Gruy calls it: Post traumatic slave disorder.