Arduino: The Best Micro-controller, small yet powerful.

Hey Guys do u know about Arduino?
Well, this is an electronic’s and computer programmer’s best companion.

Arduino is an opensource electronic prototyping platform based on a flexible, easy to use hardware and software. its intended for Arstist, Designers, Hobbyist, Electronic Tinkers and anyone interested in creating interactive objects in real time environment.

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Where do you buy boards?

i supply them… we have an online shop. if interested. Whatsapp or call 0737948474

I’m a self taught programmer, are there any software eng or electronics courses I should look for if I want to make IOT applications ?

ummm the internet i cn say is the best source for books… though i have a couple of pdfs talking more about arduino… and a site called

Instructables naijua but I don’t wan t to just copy paste what I read I want to understand it deeply because there is an application I wanted to try and make which uses sensors.

Nataka raspberry pi

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Kwani what’s your Method of learning? Si people learn n use examples wamepewa first then come up with a project of their own based on the concepts they were taught/learnt

When I was learning coding I didn’t just go t code academy and start those simple tutorials. I went to udacity and did the CS101 course first. I like to know everything so that ata bila net I can do my own thing so I ask my self why is this code supposed to work this way? Why this library and not that one. I want to maake something I b=can trust has been implemented well and I can’t do that by copy pasting and not knowing why I’m doing it.

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Why not learn electronics first so that you can make your own PLC to use in your project? That way, you will be very original.

I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not but just in case you’re serious then do you know any MOOCS I can use ama a good ebook that starts at the basics?

i un

i understand you, I am supplying the Boards. If u want to learn i have books with relevant information… i cn send you via email

watu wengine hawatusiki.

i have access to Raspberry Pi… particularly the newest board Raspberry Pi 2. though quite pricy… but if u have a project worth the money… its a good buy…
the best application for it is a Home Media Center…

Uno unauza aje

or even a portable tablet…

its retailing at 2,500/=

People copy paste codes?

Not cpoy pasting just typing things without knowing the deeper reason for why they work.

Depends on the instructor. If he/she doesn’t explain well then kuna chida. A better alternative to codeacademy ni Microsoft academy or Pluralsight. Ubaya ya Pluralsight ni that it aint free. Got a premium account Huko n so far satisfied that my money was well spent

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