Ardent Ngumu Eater

So i have a new upcoming interest, if you may, hobby apart from going to new malls and seeing if they have stuff on promotion kama TP hivi ama ata juice.

Anyway, when i was in high school, i got introduced to ngumu’s…kwanza those ones were very special we used to call them squares. Waah even at the thought of them makes me start salivating. They were among the best things i have eaten in life.

Fast forward, now my interest in ngumu’s has rekindled and i now have a new mission, to eat different kind of ngumu’s offered in each county. So far nimekula ngumu za Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos and Makueni. Enyewe kuongea ukweli so far ngumu za Makueni are the best, they are tasty, hard and crunchy just the way they are supposed to. Hii labda na maendeleo ya prof. Kibwana.

Wacha ningoje haka kaboat karudi mimi na bae twende ride into the sunset!

Ngumu is the shitiest food I could think. Top 5 in the shit food category. Food needs to be soft not engage in a rope pulling contest with your teeth everytime you take a bite.

Zinakuwanga ngumu kwa sababu ya mafuta ya transformer. Thitima! :smiley:

Nice pic, hapa ni wapi?

You cant call a ngumu food…btw…i also dont know where to classify it…lakini for sure you cant call it food!

Hehe…siwezi kuwa surprised!

Machakos people park!


By any chance were u a fellow in mate pale Kakamega high?
I did a short stint in that hell hole before giving up and joining the Other system huku Nyairofi

Nope…why do you assume that?

Huko ndio niliona inmates waking scramble pale canteen demanding square…siku hizi ngumus are shaped like dicks

Haha now i know square is a universal term

Kula KDF ukalale jinga, they are the elder siblings of ngumu.

utamu wa ngumu ni hio ugumu sasa…thought ni mimi solo napenda this stuff:D:D…
nikiwa year one i used to buy them a lot hadi ikiisha mwenye duka anakuwa disappointed on my behalf,haha

Hizo vitu apana…zimejaa mafuta mob sana…you can even squeez it off imewagike argh!

ngumu iko tu sawa. inashikilia tumbo next to bro KDF