Arap Mashamba Rewarded With Street Name

Roads, streets and avenues in Chuka town have been curiously named after several leaders who do not include Tharaka Nithi Governor Samuel Ragwa.

The Governor skipped Uhuru’s first and only visit to the county in December 2013 saying he was not involved in the arrangements.

Uhuru commissioned the roads, which are now the talk of the town, at a cost of Sh300 million.

Ragwa’s omission sparked outrage by the county government but Chuka town administrator Boniface Murithi said they were not involved.

He said they wrote to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority seeking answers on the criteria used.

Some residents who spoke to the Star said Ragwa was rightly omitted but that former MPs such as Captain Mbuba Ntwiga and Njoka Mutani should have been included.
Among those honoured in the naming are President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Senate Majority leader Kithure Kindiki.

Kabogo was to name a stadium after WSR. What happened?

Naming streets is petty and overrated.

Actions like these are what exposes us as a country of mental pygmies. A whole county had nobody to see the shortsightedness of this. Then there is the issue of behaving as if these politicians build infrastructure out of the goodness of their hearts and as if they fund projects from personal accounts.


and they could not come up with a name like Wangari Maathai?

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If they named a street after a dead Junkie, why not honor the DP with one?

One thing i know for sure is that some of those street signs will go missing soon.

how do we take power as youth?