Arap Mashaba Scolded Like A Child Over DRC Cow Remarks. Quickly Apologizes

These days you have to choose your words wisely ama utajipata Kwa shida.

Arap Mashaba has withdrawn his statement about DRC

Very useless fellows these DRC guys, they have a warped sense of superiority from their french masters that’s why they are always fighting, are incredibly lazy and hate education, like too much sex, music and like flossing in luxury items bought through their life savings. A DRC guy will live in a mud house but wear Dolce Gabbana

But to speak the truth JSKS had a point though he spiced it kiasi.
Get this: DRC has only 750,000 cows.
It’s human population is 100,000,000. Meaning each cow (assuming they are all being milked…and there are no bulls) has to provide milk to 134 people.
There is huge demand for milk in that country.

However the demand for meat or beef is being sufficiently complemented by bush meat.

Leta rink ya DRC comments

that is not how a Deputy president talks about a country you want to trade with when you become president…
But Ruto anakuwanga na kaushamba fulani , combined with pride, arrogance , ignorance and a know-it-all attitude , he talks shit about anything he does not understand…

The DRC issue is just a small evidence of a bigger problem.

Trump call Africa countries shit hole, Africans adopt that position to make jokes amongst fellow Africans. African politician comments on cows, carelessly but with a point, Africans are mad and demand apology. Bure kabisa

We are our own enemies.

Kipchumba Murkomen responded on my behalf. Hyperbole

Well said.

Alafu he always wants to be the smartest person in the room. He’s always surrounded by “Yes mkubwa” kind of people

Still doesn’t justify Ruto’s question. Does it? Stop diverting from the issue at hand! Useless!

That explains alot,same na kule kwa wadigo coast province na kula panya,cows were not native there and whatever is sold as beef is a bit on the higher side compared to nairobi

Dr Ruto ako na PhD ya mashamba