Arap Bandit aka

Your Imperial Majesty, your grace, intelligence Serum, Scribe,Scholar and Soothsayer.
Mwasemaje chawa WA ktalk @Ndindu @Electronics4u kileleshwa mtahamia lini?

Nakula Mali safi @kush_yule_mnono aka delivery boy wa Ngamia Nation


Usinyonge bibi ya wenyewe


niaje @Gaza

Hehe, sawa tumekubali wewe sio peasant.

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Usitishwe na dereva wa bibi ya governor


Ji nice bandit.

Najua mtu hujaribu kujionyesha Huwa na psychological issues. I blame his background.

Nah … not me. That’s not my style. I’m from old money, and have nothing to prove to anyone, not even myself. Unlike my number one fan asnd imposter @Bandit who is desperate to be noticed and recognised as the “new rich” kid on the block. Lakini tunajua ni P.A wa governor ama mulisema ni women rep. Hii kijana hata apewe 10 lifetime’s, hawezi fikia wealth ya chief rustler. Ghasiaa ina waringia ati amehamia rental kileleshwa, well, I own couple properties there, as well as Kilimani, Woodley, Jamu, south b na acha nisisema location ya neighbourhood ya mukoro. Kijana … tuliza kende. Sisi watu wa inheritance uwezi shidana nasi. Tunamumunya soft life pole pole … doing fuck.all

Na ujue hii property hapa iko in a neighbourhood somewhere hapo Nairobi. You can guess how many acres it sits own.


Gaza Ile story ya wasupa wa kipokot ilienda aje

:green_emoji: … ni Sunday banae. Acha nitakupatia feedback sometime soon. Na hii maneno elder ulisema you won’t let go … just when I thought you did.

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Alafu while imposter @bandit bandia was spending his Sunday afternoon stuck at a concrete box… hakiwatishia na pesa hakuna, zenye elder through gained wisdom and keen eyes naskia walisema ati ni pesa anabebea bibi ya governor.
Real oldmoney nilikua ground pale site at an undisclosed location; spending some quality time watching my daughter race her dirt bike, making jumps, taking sharp turns and doing shit that near make my heart stop all the time. While nigger invests in show off’s; the next nigger is investing in the next generation. Tutawai patana wapi? She already gets partial scholarship at a certain academy in the rift for representing her school in her category and age group and will likely get full scholarship few years down the line. When she starts representing them in regional and international competitions. Tayari she’s making money on brand sponsorship. Wako je. Akili mtu wangu …akili.


@Gaza Nimekubali you are a true billionaire. I know a real dynasty kid when I see that “old money” style walk-way leading to the home (such are never immaculately done but they look decent unlike peasants who pave theirs with cabros and shit), especially in old Muthaiga and Lower Kabete compounds. It is very possible that we have crossed paths since that dirt bike scene is very small. Nunulia yeye pony and introduce the young one to polo at the Nairobi Polo Club. Life in Kenya….good times indeed.

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Ile siku admin decides to go rogue aangushe IP addresses zote apa the chicken will come home to roost. @Bandit naona you’re enjoying that bachelor lifestyle…….a life second to none other than that of some dynasty kids like @Gaza.


Na @applebee100 Ako wapi anafaa kua Kwa izi streets

Haha, Niko mkuu. Mimi siku izi story ya wealth nimekanyagia. I know serious Kenyans who own houses in Surrey, UK and Cape Town, South Africa na hawasumbui. Where do you think the 2 billion a day misappropriation of public funds goes to? You think that money is going to real estate in Nairobi? Hapana mkuu.

People are purchasing trackside apartments in Monaco and doing mega projects in Durban, South Africa. The only people investing in Nairobi are Zoomalians. They steal from North Eastern and invest in Nairobi. Bantu thieves have a brain - they look towards expatriating their loot outside Kenya.

I personally know the girl who walked away with 84M during the Covid masks scandal. Young, serious money. People fly to Europe to watch El Classico and sit at the VIP section……I’m talking 25 year old kids. Niendelee ama niache? I know people who walk to a Gucci store in Milan and drop $80k like it’s just an ordinary run to the grocery store. Ata mimi there’s money I see nasema tu “God Save Us All”.

That’s new money, easy come easy go. Old money’s different. Silent. Heavy


No, these are old money people. Buying items is not loud….it’s just a purchase. Don’t overthink it. It’s only loud if you are announcing it.

Asonyonge na diasa Ys Bibi ya wenyewe, who in the right mind anaeza Anika Bibi hapa ? Kids grow into majitu which you can’t recognise in streets faster but a mature woman ? Huyu si wako nyang’ao