Arabs locked up

The Arab suburbs of Eastleigh in Nairobi and old town in Mombasa have been put on total lockdown for the next 15 days according to health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

Najua watasema wanaonewa na wanachukiwa na hawatakiwi

Arabs :D:D very unhygienic and have been gathering in mosques at night, those are the results now.

totalitarian rule , its starts with Eastleigh and Old Town soon it will be the whole country
take heed

Gatheca say he didn’t mean Eastleigh, he meant Eastlands.

Every punitive measures first always starts with minorities in this country. It’s absolutely moronic for a whole government to declare it’s shutting down 2 estates out of an entire country to stop “spread of Corona” ujinga tupu.

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Matatiso tumeyasoea

Muko wagonjwa.
According to your general @Bingwa Scrotum you are a majority.

There are no arabs in Eastleigh. Ni Somalis & Northern communities. Say it as it is.

It’s sarcasm for @Bingwa Scrotum

Unfortunately more people will die from enforcing the law than from COVID-19. This is Africa. This will NEVER work.
They should just let people live.

Waongeze South C kwa hiyo list

While at it close African lands for the most destructive virus; HIV

Mwarabu umeosha mkundu after kukunia kwa mkia ya Allah Akbar