Arabs: life after the oil

Arab countries have largely benefitted and enriched themselves immensely from the vast oil fields that have existed in their region. Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and others owe their great wealth to petroleum. But what will happen to these states once the world switches over from depending on oil for energy needs? Considering that these countries are in a desert and agricultural activities are not an alternative? Will they resort to capturing and selling human slaves?

UAE will survive. That leader has decided that tourism will save that country na ame switch to tourism from oil mapema mapema

The Emirati saw this coming and started huge projects to make Dubai a business hub and a tourist destination in the late 90’s.
EBS of Saudi is also running some project in the desert. Some sort of city. Reason he arrested the barons once he seized power to try and make them return some of the looted money.
South Sudan will go back to International donor aid. They are broke already anyway.
Don’t know much about what alternatives Venezuela has.

Don’t we have bigger fish to fry in Kenya?? That seems like an Arab problem.

We actually have this problem as Kenya recently discovered oil. We are late to the party and have less than 20 years to benefit from our oil reserves.


There is a paradigm shift in energy use based on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate change is on the global agenda and is part of the SDGs. Most of European countries will ban hydrocarbon propelled vehicles by 2030. Many vehicles manufacturers are shifting away from producing petrol and diesel powered vehicles to EVs. Oil majors like Total have pledged to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by selling less hydrocarbons and diversifying to cleaner energy ( solar, wind, hydrogen, LNG, et al).

At least Sisi tuko na arable land na tunaweza fanya ukulima tukiacha hii ujinga wa imports and buroti maguta

And nymphs,retarded Republicans still believe in oil to be the driver of the next generation. They oppose any new green energy deals. Very retarded people

Problem is,the bigger fish is caught by the bigger men,the small man is tasked to fry it,the big man comes back to eat eat it. Vicous cycle my friend. Wakenya mumekubali kupigia kura wezi,hio ndo waswahili wainaita kidonda ndugu or something,haitawaacha. Kelele mtapiga na road signs mutachoma for sure but thats just it

A lot of countries and motor vehicle manufacturers have already started the switch from fossil fuel vehicles to electric

The biggest investors in green energy and electric vehicles are unironically yeah you can already guess who

Then why are you retards refusing green deals? One of your leaders said wind turbines causes cancer…

Our leaders are greedy bonobos

Iv always known you to be a republican.

Yes naturally but I don’t agree with them on every policy

None of your business.

the world will not stop depending on oil for its energy needs anytime soon. io sahau.
Its only that car manufacturers want to own the cars you will be driving.

Others kama sisi are languishing in debt (always on deficits) but these countries have “sovereign wealth funds” with figures ranging to hundreds of billions of dollars eg UAE $850B , Kuwait $500B+ , Saudi $400B+ Etc with Norway , China ,Hong Kong and Singapore leading the pack.

Exactly. The world will depend on oil for a long long time. Battery tech is still at its infancy. All those trucks on Mombasa road will need diesel to power them. Also ships in the oceans, tractors in the fields, caterpillars in the mines, aeroplanes etc. Some countries don’t have coal or geothermal and depend 100% on diesel power plants.

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